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 Seize the Day ~ Had a dream so decided to put it into words

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PostSubject: Seize the Day ~ Had a dream so decided to put it into words   Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:35 am

Okay. I do not own anyone in this story although 3 of them are me, my cousin and my best friend Smile
Main character is called Becky (it's meee! ^^) she is singer and guitarist in her band. Pleeease let me know what you think. Keep in mind that I do not write stories often so it's not that good also, it's what I dreamed about a few weeks ago. It's not finished but I just wanted to see what you thought of it. Smile

“Come on Chris! We have to go on now!,” I yelled, banging on my lead guitarist’s dressing room door. He came out in an Iron Maiden tee, black skinnies and red Vans. “Are you ready now? We have to do the talent show.”
“I'm ready, I just couldn't find my guitar pick but now I got it,” he smiled, waving it in front of my face. This was a big deal for us. I know, the school talent show would be lame but not this one, the school had invited reps from a couple of recording companies. This was huge! It had to go right or I would die. I smiled and we walked back to the side of the stage with the rest of my band, Kirstie, the drummer and Seren the bassist. I was the singer and I also play rhythm guitar. I love it. Mr Jones, our headteacher walked out on stage and lead two blonde girls off. He congratulated the girls for doing the show then started introducing us. “Ok, the next performance is from a band called…” he looked at the piece of paper in front of him then smiled. “A Fall from Grace!” The school applauded as we walked onto the stage and I thanked Mr Jones.
“Ok, most of you know that we’ve been practising like hell for this, so here it goes!” I said into the microphone. The band started playing the music and I waited to jump in with the lyrics.

“Do you know what its like
To be locked out in the cold
Do you know what its like
To be mistaken for old
Oh no, no I don’t think you do

Do you know what its like
To be alone every night
To have lost your way
And to never find the light
No, no, no I don’t think you do”

The school erupted with applause and I saw the reps smile and chat to each other. They were about to write something down but a guy stopped them and started talking. I frowned but then faked a smile and ran off the stage into the back room. “That was great, guys if we make it big I just wanna say, I couldn’t have done it without you!” Kirstie grinned and hugged us. I laughed then pulled back and walked over to Chris, who just happened to be my school crush. I sat next to him on the couch and put my arm over his shoulder. “You ok?”
“Um, yeah, I think so, I just can’t believe we played in front of studio reps…I-I think they liked us.” He leant back in the couch and I did the same. He turned to face me and smiled. I frowned and moved back a bit as he was freaking me out a bit with his grin.
“W-what?” I asked nervously.
“So, I heard you’re seeing Zack O’Connor,” he smirked.
“Um, we’re not serious…why do you ask?”
“I’m just an old friend, that’s all.”
“What? You know Zack?” I asked shocked. He nodded. “Why do you want to know Chris?”
“I just wondered because you’re all he talks about.”
“Really?” I felt a smile spread across my face. Chris smiled back then stood up going over to talk to Seren and Kirstie.
It’s been ten minutes since the talent show finished and we’re just sat in the back room waiting to see who won. We were squished as the rest of the line-up was in here too. “Becky!” I looked up from my phone to see who called me. I saw Charlotte standing by the door, arms folded and with a glare. I rolled my eyes then got up to see what she wanted. “What do you want Charlotte?”
“Well, I was going to tell you that I liked your song, but whatever,” she said, with a face as if she'd just been slapped. “Oh, and stop spreading shit. Alright?”
“I'm not, whoever said that is a liar.”
“Hmm, you guys were good. I hope you win,” she said with no emotion whatsoever. I sighed then sat back down just before Mr Jones spoke once more.
“Ok, we have the winners name in this envelope. Whoever wins will get to take two weeks off to go on a vacation we’ve paid for.” I was starting to get excited, I was there when he was paying for the vacation, it’s for up to ten people and it’s in LA. Close to the home of my favourite band ever! “And the winner is…” Everyone went silent as he took the results out of the envelope. “A Fall from Grace!” My heart skipped a beat. I stood up quickly then Seren pulled me with them to the stage to collect our small prize. “Thanks,” I smiled as Mr Jones handed me a bunch of CD’s. ‘Good, they are my kind of music.’ I thought as I walked off the stage and back to the room.
The bell rang for lunch so me and my friends, there was a big group of us, went round the back of the school to an area where we always hang out. Seren walked to the gates as she went to a different school but bunked off to play in the band. Her dad drove off and we were missing our bassist. Everyone started chatting and a guy appeared on the other side of the fence to us. It was the same guy who stopped the reps from writing anything. I thought I knew him, his face was familiar but I couldn’t place it in my head. “Hi, I’m Larry Jacobson. I am the president of World Audience. Here’s my card, you guys were awesome on stage. I think you could really be something,” he smiled. Oh, now I remember, he’s Avenged Sevenfold’s manager. Wait, hold up a sec…Avenged Sevenfold’s manager! I almost fainted. “So, what are you doing here?” Chris asked.
“Your head teacher invited me. I convinced the other reps not to sign you. I wanted to myself.”
“Oh, well I’m sure you’re an amazing manager!” I grinned. He frowned, confused.
“You know I’m a manager?”
“Well, I know you’re A7X’s manager, I don’t know about other bands.”
“So you’re a fan of A7X?” This got his attention. We nodded our heads, me and Kirst with big smiles on our faces. “Well, good news, they want to meet you.”
I froze again. They wanted to meet us? But we’re just school talent show winners, not big KERRANG award winners like them.
“Are you being completely serious?” I asked quietly , trying not to faint. Larry smiled and nodded then wrote something down on a piece of paper.
“Here, it’s the A7X phone number.”
“They have a phone between them?” Kirst asked receiving the paper.
“Well the only people who use it are me, other bands who need something from them and arena managers,” Larry explained. We nodded and I walked towards Larry.
“When do we meet them?” she smiled.
“Tonight. Are you guys old enough to get into pubs?”
“Um, yeah,” Chris said, fidgeting with his bag strap.
“Well, good. Meet me outside the school at 7pm.” He walked off, leaving us in a state of shock.
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Seize the Day ~ Had a dream so decided to put it into words
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