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 Seize The Day Fan Fiction Rules

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PostSubject: Seize The Day Fan Fiction Rules   Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:42 pm

Seize The Day
Fan Fiction Rules

•Please remember to include your rating in your post title. It makes it easier on everyone. You can place it in brackets [like this] in your subject.

•Read the general rules! These all apply to every story that is posted in this thread! You have been warned!

•Plagiarism is the devil's work. We should all know what that means, DON'T STEAL! We will notice and you will be in trouble, and that's not pretty.

•Spam should be kept to a minimum. Spam within reason will most likely be ignored, however ongoing comments not related to stories may receive a warning or be deleted without notice. This also goes for pyramid quoting....not pretty either.

•Cool If you're going to criticize, please make it constructive criticism. Insulting or belittling of other people's work will not be tolerated.

•we'd love to read your story, just be sure we can understand it. Please make sure your story is spell checked, using proper capitalization, and like everything else on the community, in English only. Sorry. And most importantly. No chatspeak

•The Fan Fiction sub forums are usually extremely lenient as to what is allowed in this area. Simply, any fictional written work focusing on one or more members of Avenged Sevenfold. Not all stories have to have every member of the band - but, as long as it features just one member - it can be regarded as a Avenged Sevenfold Fan Fiction.

•Your fiction should have the following format in it's own post.
*Title: Place the title of your fiction first.
*Rating: U through 18
*Main Characters: Band Member/OFC
*Disclaimer: Something along the lines of; "I have no contact with Avenged Sevenfold, this never happened"
*Summary: If desired.
*Chapter Index.
Chapter One – Page 1
Chapter Two – Page 2
Chapter Three – Page 2
Chapter Four-
Chapter Five-
Chapter Six-
And so on….

*Story Text should be in a separate post.

•Remember to always back-up your fanfics!
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Seize The Day Fan Fiction Rules
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