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 A First And Last Conversation

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City Of Vengeance
City Of Vengeance

Posts : 16
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Age : 24
Location : Cornwall, UK

PostSubject: A First And Last Conversation   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:20 pm

Title: A First And Last Conversation
Rating: 12
Characters: Me, Rev, M Shadows, Zacky V
I wasn't sure where to put this seeing as it is a true story but I want to tell you all that this is a real event, you may not believe me but it is true from the bottom of my heart, I would not lie about this event because it it did happen. I'll always remember it and I'm going to miss Jimmy with all my heart.
I just wanted to clarify that with everyone before you read this.

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City Of Vengeance
City Of Vengeance

Posts : 16
Join date : 2009-08-03
Age : 24
Location : Cornwall, UK

PostSubject: Matt N Jimmy Have Signed In   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:21 pm

Matt N Jimmy Have Signed In

I miss the old days. You know yesterday, last week, the days when people liked bands for their music and there was no such thing as a popularity contest within music.
I can never sleep though at night sometimes; like I was an insomniac or something, I hated waking up in the mornings for school; sometimes to help me sleep I would listen to the Pinkly Smooth album to help me sleep. Although Jimmy’s Pinkly Smooth stuff was kind of creepy, Mezmer was my favourite one though, the part I found odd in all his songs was the parts he started sounding like a broken record like the part in Mezmer where he starts going:
“Sec- sec-, sec-, secahoot,” or something like that I wouldn’t know I don’t speak Jimmy language if I did I’d be a legend.

I was surprised when I heard about his death, I felt like I couldn’t accept it, that and I would wake and see it was a dream. But it wasn’t a dream it was reality, a reality I knew would be a little bit less fun.
I spoke to Jimmy once on don’t believe me that’s fine I didn’t think anyone will, well technically I spoke to both Jimmy and Matt. It was a strange coincidence how I found Matt’s e-mail address; I won’t go into detail I just want you to know I did speak to them.
It was the 25th April 2009 in the evening and I remember them signing in and the username reading Matt n Jimmy and then seeing the little personal message advertising Johnny’s e-mail and saying if we wanted it we could ask; I was curious so I started up a conversation and asked for it, Matt gave it to me; then I started to talk to them, it was slow at first; then I wrote ‘BRB’ those three letters turned into the best conversation I ever had.

I went downstairs to get a drink and thought I better save energy and money by leaving the lights off, I forgot the door was shut and walked right into it hurting my head in the process. I walked into the Nule post at the bottom of the stairs as I went back up and stubbed my toe; I told Matt and Jimmy that when I got back to my computer. And Matt found it funny and so did Jimmy, I did ask who I was talking to and Matt explained that it was him typing and Jimmy reading over his shoulder.

That single sentence made my heart and mind flip out and start going insane, all that went through my head was
“Jimmy is reading what you’re typing you’re speaking to The Rev and M Shadows...well say something back girl.”
Bravely I told Matt I said hi to Jimmy and he replied saying Jimmy said hi back, I sent a little hug emoticon I took from Mibba, the one where the Pink crushes the Blue in a tight hug and kills it; craziest thing was Matt sent a hug back only with little stars between the word, I giggled knowing I had received a cyber hug from Matt. I sent Jimmy a cyber hug and he sent me one back, we sent each other little XD emoticon’s I sent him Pink he sent me a Black one.
This went on for some time until I looked at the time and saw I had to go to bed; I said my goodbyes and sent my last cyber hugs to them and signed off. My first and last conversation with The Reverend Tholomew Plague.

A couple months later on June 22nd I was speaking to Zacky and I was telling him about how I was sick of everyone at school, he said take no notice, then I told him about my P.E lesson and how, because I was so bored, I started pretending to be Jimmy copying his ninja moves; Zacky said it was pretty crazy but I said no one but me could level up to Jimmy’s madness and it’s true I’m the only girl who would chase after a Duck or start pretending to be a ninja (I’ve done it before and had threats of disownment from my friends).
The last time I spoke to Zacky about Jimmy.

You’re probably reading this thinking ‘She’s making up’ ‘she was dreaming’ ‘she never spoke to the Rev’ you don’t have to believe me; I did something I know probably a million fans would kill to do. I spoke to James Owen Sullivan via MSN whilst being in a different time zone to him and being maybe a million miles away from him.
I’ve never forgotten that evening, because it was the first night I thought to myself, imagine if I did meet Avenged Sevenfold, would they recognise me? Would they know I was the girl with the e-mail city-of-vengeance? Would they know I was an English teenager who spoke to them on April 25th 2009?

I guess not, they meet millions of fans all over the world; would I be an exception of them all? Maybe not.
But I will never forget that night, the night I spoke to Jimmy for the first and last time, who’d have thought that the goodbye I said to him was my first and last goodbye to him, I’m now just left with a memory that made 2009 just that little bit better.

But now when I sleep that memory is the last thing I think about when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up, when I look at my Avenged Sevenfold 2008 Kerrang Award poster; when I see that smile on Jimmy’s face I think to myself, did he smile that way when I spoke to him on MSN that evening.
Who knows?
Like I said before, you don't have to believe me.
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A First And Last Conversation
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