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 Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]

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PostSubject: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:09 pm

Leave Out All The Rest

Rating: 15+ (For language and sexual references)
Characters: Brian Haner Jr./ OFC
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional, and it's mine. No one better steal it. I WILL come after you.

The five Grey brothers; Sam, Tyler, Alex, Ryan and Danny are a bit notorious for scaring off any man they deem unsuitable for their sister Sawyer. But what happens when she brings Brian home with her for Christmas?

Chapter Index:
Chapter One, Page One
Chapter Two, Page One
Chapter Three, Page One
Chapter Four, Page One

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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:10 pm

Chapter One: The Meeting

Fear was the only emotion that gripped Zachary James Baker as he fled from his Huntington Beach California home. His breath was labored but he ignored this as he continued to sprint as fast as he could across his lawn and onto the street. Neighbors eyed him curiously as he ran past; some washing cars, others just out enjoying the sunny May weather. But he ignored them. The only thing in his mind at that moment was to get away from his house as fast as humanly possible.

The sun beat down on the back of his neck unsympathetically but he never stopped running. A stitch was forming in his side and he clutched a hand to the spot beneath his ribcage as he continued to run. His destination was a mere twenty yards away now and he pushed himself to run even faster. The street pavement flew by beneath his feet and then grass as he raced across the lawn up to the large house.

Finally after reaching the door, he grasped the knob tightly and burst through as he panted and gasped for air. He slammed the door shut quickly and leaned up against it, barricading it as he attempted to catch his breath.

“Hey, Baker.”

He looked up to see his friend Matt who had just exited the kitchen of his house. In Matt’s hand was a recently opened beer bottle and he almost dropped it at the sight of his friend’s disheveled appearance.

“Whoa, dude, Zacky!” He exclaimed rushing down the rest of the hall that opened up into the entryway. “What the hell happened man?”

“We- have now-” Zacky gasped, still holding his arms spread against the door barricading it. “-moved- to DEFCON- two.”

“Defcon?” Matt asked, a confused frown forming on his face as he thought about what Zacky had just said. “…Oh! Gena too huh?”

Zacky nodded solemnly and let out a strained breath as he tried to steady his heart rate. He didn’t think that he had ever run so fast in his entire life.

“Man that sucks.” Matt laughed before turning into a large archway off the hall that led into the living room.

Zacky followed slowly behind, clutching his side as he went, and caught the last bit of a joke his friend Jimmy had been entertaining Brian and Johnny, the other two occupants of the room, with.

“So get this.” Jimmy laughed from his seat in one of the large armchairs. “As soon as the magician goes back to his own country, two of them turn brown!”

There was an explosion of laughter from the black leather couch Brian and Johnny were seated on and they were practically falling over each other in hysterics. Matt cleared his throat to quiet them as he walked further into the living room. The other three men tuned their heads to look at Matt standing before them.

“We are now at DEFCON two.” Matt announced seriously before starting another explosion of laughter on his own.

“Aw man!” Johnny whined as Matt sunk into the other armchair in the room with his beer. “Seriously? Now none of us are getting any for at least a week! Well, none of us but Syn that is.” He said, knocking Brian playfully on the shoulder.

“Hey, I’m not getting any either.” Brian said as Zacky collapsed on the open seat on the couch beside him. The guys didn’t even need an explanation for Brian’s comment. The whole world probably heard the fight that ended his and his ex-girlfriend Michelle’s relationship.

“Hey Z man what happened to you?” Jimmy asked, half laughing at Zacky breathing in and out heavily on the couch. “Did you run all the way here?”

Zacky nodded and took a deep breath before answering him. “Gena.” He panted. “She was about- to send me- to go get- tampons.” He finished with a shudder before leaning his head back on the couch to look up at the ceiling. All the while cursing himself that he didn’t stay in better shape since the band’s last tour.

“So you just ran away?” Johnny asked as his eyes widened in shock and he looked down the length of the couch at him.

“Well what was I supposed to do?” Zacky demanded, leaning forward to look past Brian at Johnny.

“I dunno man but you definitely shouldn’t have run.” Johnny replied seriously. He mentally reflected back to how angry his girlfriend Lacey had been during a similar occasion and shuddered.

“Ohhh Gena’s gonna be so mad at you!” Jimmy laughed loudly before reaching to the small end table for his half-empty beer bottle.

Zacky winced visibly and turned his head to look at him. “She can’t get that mad…can she?”

“Oh yeah.” Matt said seriously, answering for Jimmy as he took a long swig of his beer. “Hell hath no fury like a PMS-ing woman.”

Brian scrunched up his face as he thought about what Matt had just said. “…are you sure that’s how that saying go-”

“You know what I mean.” Matt retorted, rolling his eyes.

That was for sure. Brian definitely had his fair share in experiencing the wrath of a PMS-ing woman. Needless to say he didn’t really miss having Michelle around.

“Hey um Shads?” Zacky asked Matt tentatively. “You think I could camp out here for a while? You know, just until Gena’s had a chance to cool down a bit.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea man.” Matt replied with a grimace. “Putting off facing them only makes them angrier. Believe me, I know. Whatever it is she tells you to do, do it. No questions asked.”

“But dude!” Zacky pleaded. “She’s gonna send me to the store for her!” Any mention of the feminine isle of the supermarket was enough to make Zacky, and any other man shake in fright.

“Aw come on Vengeance, suck it up.” Brian laughed beside him. “It can’t be that bad.”

Zacky turned on the couch to glare at him murderously. “Did Michelle ever make you go to the store for her?” He demanded harshly.

“Well…um, no but-” Brian started slowly before Zacky cut him off.

“Ah-ha!” He shouted accusingly. “See now you have no room to talk here unless you’ve had to do it.”

“He’s right Syn.” Matt laughed. “But Zach you’d better go and face Gena now before she gets really mad.”

Zacky groaned loudly but got back to his feet again. “When I die,” He said, pausing in the doorway of the living room to face the other guys. “-I’m coming back to haunt you all.”

“Aw you won’t haunt us.” Matt laughed as he watched Zacky turn on his heels to stalk out of the living room. “-you’ll be too busy haunting Gena!”

“That’s what you think!” Zacky snapped before walking out the front door and slammed it shut behind him. He walked sullenly back down Matt’s lawn onto the street, murmuring every prayer he knew was he went.

“He’s a goner.” Johnny stated solemnly before removing his baseball cap to place it over his heart.

Matt rolled his eyes at Johnny’s dramatics and finished off the last of his beer before speaking. “Alright, well the booze is gone.”

“Short shit.” Jimmy barked, addressing Johnny after he had finished his own beer bottle. “Beer run.”

“Aw hell no it’s Zacky’s turn!” Johnny whined as he put his hat back on his head backwards.

“Well Zacky ain’t here now is he?” Jimmy snapped, rolling his eyes at the obviousness of his question.

“Fine then make Syn do it.” Johnny pouted childishly as he jabbed his thumb at Brian on the couch beside him.

“Oh no.” Brian said, holding his hands up in defense as he got to his feet. “Syn is off to go drive his piece of shit car to the mechanic’s.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Matt asked curiously as Brian walked towards the doorway of the living room. “I thought that car was brand new.”

“It keeps stalling on me.” Brian answered as he paused to bend down and tie his shoe. “And I need to get the oil changed too.”

“Alright then.” Matt sighed as Brian straightened upright. “Say hi to Dave for me.”

“I’m not going to Dave’s.” Brian said. “He moved back to Texas, didn’t you know that?”

“He did?” Matt asked, his face scrunching up in confusion. Dave had been the band’s mechanic since before they were a band. “Well then where are you going?”

“I’m going over to that place on Jefferson.” Brian replied. “Sawyer’s I think it’s called. I’ll catch you guys later.”

“See ya Syn.” Johnny called after him as he went out the front door.

The guys heard the front door close again loudly before Jimmy looked over at Johnny again.

“Beer run.” He repeated.

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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:13 pm

“Dammit! Pete? Pete where are you?”

“Right here boss.” Pete said, walking out of the small mechanic’s office into the garage area. He looked down at Sawyer; well, half of Sawyer beneath the car she was working on. Her cover-all clad legs were sticking out the front end of the rusted red 68’ Camaro she was working on and were splattered in car oil. Her heavy glove-covered fingers curled around the fender and she rolled herself out from underneath the car on the board she had her back on.

“Have you seen my wrench?” She asked, holding up a dingy wrench in her left hand.

Pete looked at her strangely but answered her nonetheless. “Would it be in your hand there?” He asked as she tossed it to the floor of the garage and picked up the screwdriver beside it.

“That’s Andy’s.” She replied before sliding back under the car. “I like mine better. Can you find it for me? It’s got a blue handle.”

Pete sighed and walked over to the large red tool chest before opening up the top drawer in search of her tool. “The things I do for you woman.” He said as he rummaged in the drawer. “You’re lucky I even stick around.”

“Aw you love it here.” She laughed from underneath the car as she tossed the screwdriver out from underneath the car and started patting the ground around it for another tool.

Pete stopped what he was doing to turn and look at Sawyer patting around the floor blindly for a tool. He laughed loudly at her failed attempt and leaned against the side of the tool chest to watch her with an amused look on his face. She clenched her hand in a fist and raised her middle finger at him, nonverbally warning him to shut the hell up. He snickered again and turned around to go back to looking for her wrench.

“Oh,” He said remembering something as he started to rummage in the second drawer down. “You’re mom called again.”

Sawyer groaned loudly and rolled herself out from beneath the car again to look up at him. “What did she want?”

“She wants to know when you’re coming home to visit her,” He replied as he extracted her ‘missing’ wrench from the third drawer of the tool chest. “-and if you have a boyfriend yet.”

“What did you tell her?” She asked uneasily as he handed her wrench down to her.

“I told her you’d call her back.” He laughed as he leaned against the side of the car.

She groaned again and wheeled herself back under the car just as the small service bell rung from the office.

“I got it.” Pete sighed heavily, shoving himself off the car before walking back towards the office door.

“Thanks Pete.” Sawyer called after him as she went back to tightening bolts. “Oh! Wait a sec, Pete?” He paused for a moment and turned around again. “Could you turn my music on?” She asked, scrunching her face up in concentration as she twisted the wrench around.

“Yes master.” Pete drawled sarcastically as he walked over to one of the many cluttered workbenches that lined the walls of the garage.

He turned on the large stereo almost hidden by the number of power tools surrounding it and walked to the office door. Sawyer laughed at his funny, yet surprisingly good Igor impression as the sounds of Guns & Roses filled the garage.

Brian leaned casually against the counter of the mechanic’s office after ringing the small bell beside him. He heard some voices in the back but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.

He let his eyes wander aimlessly around the small office at the various things on the walls and shelves. A small magazine rack was in the corner of the room by the door along with two generic waiting room chairs. The walls themselves were barely even visible with all of the pictures, posters, and framed certificates. Large pictures of old cars were tacked up along with what looked to be hand-drawn diagrams of their engines.

In between a calendar and a large picture of a Model T Ford, he noticed a small framed photograph. Stepping closer, he saw an older man in the picture with a pretty brunette, both leaning against the hood of a classic blue 1966 Corvette. The older man had his arm draped casually over the girl’s, most likely his daughter’s, shoulders and they were both smiling widely for the camera. Brian guessed that the auto-shop owner Sawyer had to be the gray-bearded man in the picture.

“Can I help you?”

Brian spun around quickly to face a tall lanky man with dusty blonde hair and freckles. The nametag sewn onto his dirty gray cover-alls read Pete.

“Oh, um yeah.” Brian said. “I’m lookin’ for the owner, Sawyer?”

Pete rolled his eyes and jabbed his thumb over his shoulder at the door he had just come through. “In the back.” He replied before going to take his seat in the rickety swivel chair behind the large office desk.

“Thanks.” Brian nodded before crossing the small office to the door leading into the garage.

Upon walking in, he was met with the sounds of Guns & Roses blaring out of a large black stereo and he immediately liked this Sawyer guy. There were only three cars parked in the large garage, one of which was up on the lift. He could see the top of a red Camaro behind a silver Jetta in the center of the garage. A large tool chest was in-between the two cars. Both of their hoods were popped open and were connected with bright yellow jumper cables.

Looking around he saw no sign of the older man from the picture and he was about to go back into the office when he heard the sound of a wrench being turned. He walked curiously past the Jetta to see a pair of legs sticking out from underneath the front of the Camaro beside it.

“Um…excuse me?” Brian asked loudly.

The sound of the wrench being turned stopped and he had to step to the side to avoid being hit with it as it was tossed out from under the car. A pair of gloved hands wrapped around the fender and Brian gasped in surprise when he saw the person come into view.

Contrary to his belief it wasn’t the old man from the picture under the car, but the girl. Unthinkingly Brian found himself staring at her. Her long dark hair was pulled up into a sloppy ponytail and pieces fell casually about in her face. The gray cover-alls she was wearing were only on her from the waist down and the arms were tied around her waist. Her top was just a white, well, used to be a white wife beater that was now covered in dirt and car grease.

God even dirty she looks hot.

Sawyer rolled herself out from under the Camaro to see a tall, dark-haired man with tattoos standing there, mouth hanging agape as he looked at her. She couldn’t help but notice how the black t-shirt he was wearing clung to his frame perfectly, accentuating every muscle.


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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:14 pm

“There somethin’ I can help you with?” She asked pleasantly as she picked up her screwdriver off of the floor.

Brian mentally slapped himself, realizing he had been caught staring at the whole time and he cleared his throat quickly before answering her. He had almost forgotten why he was there in the garage in the first place.

“Uh, yeah I’m looking for the owner.” He said quickly. “Is Sawyer around?”

“Yes.” She replied, chuckling at the apparent obviousness of his question as she wheeled herself back under the car.

“Um well, could you tell me where he is?” He asked awkwardly.

Sawyer laughed loudly and dropped the screwdriver she was using before rolling back out from underneath the car. “Well, she is right here.”

Brian’s face scrunched up in confusion at her statement and she stifled a laugh at his bewildered expression.

“Wha-? But you’re a-” He stopped himself quickly though, realizing how much of an asshole he would be if he finished that sentence. He was all for women’s equality and all that but this caught him off guard.

Sawyer laughed and removed the work glove on her right hand. “Sawyer Grey.” She said, holding her hand up to him. “Head mechanic and owner.”

Brian shook her hand lightly but still couldn’t loose the baffled expression on his face. He absolutely couldn’t believe that she was his new mechanic and he mentally cursed himself for not coming here sooner.

“So is there something I can help you with?” She asked as she picked up another tool off of the floor. “Or are you just going to stand there staring at me all day?”

Brian’s cheeks flushed at being caught staring at her again. “Oh, um I was- I mean my car’s been acting up lately.” He said, tripping over his words clumsily as he spoke. “I was wondering if you’d have any time to take a look at it.”

“Sure thing.” She replied as she got off the rolling board to her feet. She brushed herself off and turned to pull the jumper cables off of the Camaro, then pulled the hood down to slam it shut. “What seems to be the problem with it mister…?”

“Oh, Brian.” He said, quickly reaching forward to shake her hand again. “Brian Haner.”

“Well Brian,” She laughed as she allowed him to shake her hand for a second time. “What seems to be the problem with your car?”

“It keeps stalling on me.” He said as he continued to shake her hand, still staring at her.

“Alright well I’ll check it out for you then.” She replied.

“Thanks.” He said gratefully, though he wasn’t paying much attention to what she was saying. He couldn’t take his eyes off of hers. In that moment he was still trying to work out the color. At first he thought they were blue. But then when the light hit them he saw green, and then a little bit of hazel.

“Um…Brian?” Sawyer asked, laughing slightly. “I’m gonna need that hand back if you don’t mind.”

He looked down in surprise to see that he was still shaking her hand as he looked at her stupidly. He said a small ‘oh!’ of shock before dropping her hand quickly. She laughed lightly and walked over to one of the large garage doors to lift it up. The sun shone through the newly opened door giving her hair a golden shine to it and Brian couldn’t help but gaze in awe at her.

“The BMW yours?” She asked, turning around as she pointed at the black car parked in the back lot.

“Oh, um yeah.” He said hurriedly, thankful that she hadn’t noticed him staring at her again. Well, that’s at least what he thought. Sawyer smiled to herself when she saw him checking her out again out of the corner of her eye.

“You mind if I…” She trailed off gesturing to the hood of the car as they both walked up to the car.

“Uh, oh yeah go ahead.” He said awkwardly.

She smiled crookedly as his uneasiness and popped the hood before looking inside. Brian stepped off to the side, he himself not knowing squat about how an engine worked. So instead he just watched Sawyer as she poked around the engine. Of course she knew he was watching her the whole time but she honestly didn’t mind one bit. Come on, who would?

“Does it stall a lot?” She asked as she looked around the engine, leaning farther down so she could get a better look.

“Mhmm.” Brian nodded, not really listening to the question but that seemed to be a good enough answer for her because she went back to looking around the engine.

“Have you been changing the oil regularly?” She asked, knowing very well that he was receiving a nice view of her ass as she bent over the car’s engine.

“Mhmm.” Brian nodded again, not being able to keep himself from staring at her as she worked.

“Are you enjoying the view?” She asked, still in the same nonchalant tone, as she tinkered around the engine.

“Mhmm.” Brian nodded stupidly.

She couldn’t help but laugh loudly as his reply and she turned her head to look up at him.

“Oh God!” Brian exclaimed, clapping a hand to his forehead in embarrassment as he realized what he had just said.

This only caused Sawyer to laugh harder as she stood up straight again. “Do you know what the ISC is?”

“Huh?” He asked, confused at her sudden change of topic.

“The ISC,” She laughed. “The idle speed control? You know what that is?”

“Um…I’ve heard of it.” He said, not entirely truthfully. Truth be told he had no idea what she was talking about, but he went along with it anyway.

“Well, all I’ve gotta do is clean the idle port in the throttle body and you’re car should be good as new.” She said.

“Okay…” Brian said slowly. “So should I come back in like a day or two once that’s done?”

Sawyer couldn’t help but laugh at his question. He obviously had no idea what she had just said but she happened to think him pretending to was awfully cute. “Um, no you can stay.” She chuckled. “I’ll be done in like twenty minutes.”

Brian was mentally kicking his own ass at how stupid he had sounded just now. Sawyer stifled a laugh as she walked back into the garage for some cleaning fluid. Brian leaned up against the side of his car and put his head in his hands as he tried to mentally compose himself. There were only so many blows to his ego he could take and she had used them up with only one. Well…two if he counted her catching him staring at her.

Just as she said, twenty minutes later Sawyer had finished cleaning the idle port and she slammed the hood of the car down. She was wiping her hands off on a hand towel when Brian walked uneasily up to her.

“Um, what do I owe you for this?” He asked, gesturing down at the car.

“ ‘S no charge.” She said smiling. “You have a nice day Brian.”

He smiled gratefully at her as he walked over to the driver’s door of the car. “Hey Sawyer?” He asked as she turned around to go back into the garage. She paused and turned to face him again. “How would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

She bit her lip as a small smile spread across her face. She didn’t want to let him think she was too easy though so she put on a more serious face before answering him.

“ ‘Scuse me?” She asked, smiling as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

“Dinner.” Brian laughed, leaving his driver door open as he walked towards her. “Can I buy you dinner tonight?”

Sawyer got cliché as it sounds, butterflies in her stomach at his forwardness and she blushed slightly under his gaze.

“I’d like that.” She smiled.

A wide triumphant grin spread across his face at her answer and she blushed a little more, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Great.” He said, waking backwards to his car, not looking away from her.

Sawyer saw the small collision waiting to happen and she reached out a hand to try to warn him but she was a little late. In a split second Brian had fallen against his open car door as he walked backwards. The door slammed shut with the force and he fell to the ground in a heap. Sawyer covered her mouth quickly to keep from laughing at him and Brian flushed tomato red as he got back to his feet.

“Um, yeah I’m just going to go now.” Brian said, gesturing to his car. “-with what’s left of my dignity.” Yeah, what dignity?

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Sawyer asked, walking up to the driver’s side of the car as he got in. Brian looked stupidly up at her from his seat behind the wheel and she laughed loudly before reaching into her pocket.

“See you tonight.” She laughed, handing him the folded piece of paper before kissing him quickly on the lips.

Before he had a chance to react or comprehend what she did she pulled away and went to walk back into the car garage. Sawyer smiled to herself at her boldness and swayed her hips tauntingly as she walked back into the garage. Turning around she saw him still staring awestruck at her from his seat in the car. She laughed loudly and pulled the garage door down.

Brian snapped out of his little trance as soon as the door closed shut and he looked down at the folded piece of paper she had given him. He opened it quickly and saw that on it was her address and phone number. Smiling to himself he folded the paper back up before putting it in his pocket. He turned the keys in the ignition and the car started up. It didn’t stall once as he sped out of the parking lot and down the street.

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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:32 am

Is this new?!

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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:44 am

I read all of this the other day, Katelyn! Loved it Smile


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PostSubject: Aww! Thank you both!   Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:54 pm

Chapter Two: The Grey Brothers

Seven months later...

“How did Sawyer meet this dude again?”

“I dunno, ask Ma.”

“I wonder what he looks like!”

“Don’t get too excited Tyler. He’s Sawyer’s boyfriend, not yours.”

“I know that Daniel.”

“Five bucks says he doesn’t make it a week.”

“Ten says Sawyer turns him gay.”


“No offence Ty.”

“None taken Sam.”


The five men whirled around quickly to face their mother standing in the doorway of the living room with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

“Get away from that window.” She ordered sternly.

The five of them groaned and reluctantly went back to their seats on couches and chairs around the living room.

“Honestly,” Laurie sighed, crossing the room to sit in between Alex and Tyler on the couch. “You’re all acting like a bunch of teenage girls.”

She couldn’t really blame them though. She was just as anxious if not more to meet her daughter’s boyfriend as they were. She was just better at hiding it. Sawyer had called her weeks ago saying she was coming home for Christmas and that she was brining her boyfriend. Laurie was a little uneasy about having her sons meeting him though. They were a little on the notorious side for scaring off any man they deemed unworthy of their sister.

“What did you say this guy’s name was Ma?” Sam asked as he looked from the big window he was previously standing at to across the glass coffee table at her.

“Brian.” She replied as she glanced anxiously out the window then back to him. Her hand was shacking in anticipation and she quickly grabbed it with the other to keep it still.

“Jesus Ma calm down.” One of the twins, Ryan laughed.

“Yeah,” The other, Danny said. “You’ll have a heart attack before they even get here.”

“How long has Sawyer been seeing him anywa-” But Tyler cut himself off quickly when he saw the black BMW pulling into the driveway. “They’re here!”

Laurie was already out of her seat and to the large front window before any of the guys had even turned their heads to look. Quite an impressive feat for a woman pushing sixty. The twins, Ryan and Danny, were at the window to her left in a flash, both of them pressing their noses against the glass for a better look. (These were twenty-three year old army cadets mind you.)

Tyler dashed to take the spot on his mother’s immediate right and Sam took the spot at the window beside him. Surprisingly enough the only one not out of his seat immediately was the youngest, Alex. Unlike his older brothers he could care less who his sister dated or what he looked like. But his curiosity finally got the better of him and he got out of his armchair to look over the twins’ heads.

“He’s gotta be loaded, look at that car.” Sam said, pulling back the curtain a little to get a better look.

“It’s probably why Sawyer’s seeing him.” Ryan laughed, elbowing his twin playfully.

“Ryan!” Laurie hissed, turning her head to glare at him. “That’s a horrible thing to say about your sister!” Ryan laughed loudly and ducked before she could swat him over the head.

“Definitely isn’t seeing him for the money.” Tyler said seriously as he stared out the window at Brian getting out of the car.

“What?” Laurie asked, turning her head back to look out the window. But her question was soon answered as soon as she saw Brian.

“What do you mean Ty?” Sam asked, looking down at his brother in confusion.

“Look at that gorgeous hunk of man!” Tyler exclaimed, clapping his hands in excitement. “If those are the kind of men they’ve got in California I’ma go pack my bags right now!”

“Ry move over man I can’t see!” Danny hissed, shoving his brother a little so he could get a better view.

“Why don’t you make m-” Ryan was snapping back before Laurie cut him off sharply.

“Boys no fighting.” She ordered. “This is Christmas. I don’t want any fighting in this house while you’re all here.”

“Ma Christmas isn’t for another couple of-.” Ryan said, rolling his eyes.

Laurie shot him a warning glare that silenced him immediately and she turned back to look out the window.

“H-how c-c-can you l-l-live like t-this?” Brian chattered, as he opened the car door for Sawyer.

“What do you mean?” She laughed, stepping out of the car.

“It’s f-f-freezing!” He exclaimed, jamming his hands into the light jacket he was wearing after linking arms with Sawyer.

Sawyer laughed loudly at how he was leaning against her for warmth. Apparently he had never spent long periods of time in cold places. Growing up in Wisconsin she was used to the cold, and she had actually missed the snow. She looked up at her house and sighed. She had missed seeing it too. She noticed the large bay window at the front of the house and saw her brothers and mother all against the glass watching them come up the snow-shoveled driveway.

“Okay, they’re all watching you right now.” She said, looking up at Brian. “So try not to fall or anything.”

“W-what?” Brian asked, looking around quickly. “Where are-” But he stopped himself when he too noticed the large window.

“No! Don’t look at them!” Sawyer hissed, stifling a laugh. “They can smell fear.”

“They can what?” He asked, looking down at her in shock.

She laughed again loudly at the panicked look on his face and squeezed his arm reassuringly. “Just don’t let them intimidate you.” She said as they started up the walk to the door. “Mom’s fine she’ll love you immediately, just watch out for Tyler.”

“Which one is Ty-” But Brian didn’t get a chance to finish as the front door opened widely. There was a lot of shouting and Sawyer was pulled from his grasp first into the house.

“Mother first!” Laurie called over her sons’ shouts of greeting as she pushed through them to get to Sawyer.

“Hey mom.” Sawyer said. She smiled as the warmth of the house hit her along with the familiar scent of baking cookies. This house always smelled like cookies even when her mom wasn’t baking.

Laurie looked up at her. The only place to look considering she was only 5’2 and smiled widely before pulling her into a tight hug. Sawyer gasped as her air supply was suddenly stolen from her mother’s hug and she staggered back a bit.

“I missed you so much!” Laurie cried as she hugged her daughter tightly.

“Ma you’re gonna kill her!” Danny laughed as the two of them almost knocked into him in the entryway.

“Yeah let her breathe.” Sam said.

Sawyer gave them both grateful looks as Laurie finally released her. Brian, still standing awkwardly on the doorstep watched and tried not to laugh at the mother-daughter reunion.

“I’ve- missed you too mom.” Sawyer laughed as she took in a proper breath.

“Group hug!” Ryan shouted excitedly and ran forward, nearly knocking his sister to the floor as he hugged her. Alex, Danny, Sam, and Tyler followed suit; each of them taking turns to rumple their sister’s hair and joke with her before they finally stepped back. Tyler, the first to look over a Brian, looked him over and winked at him when he saw him looking. Brian shuffled on his feet awkwardly. That’s gotta be Tyler.

“Well aren’t you going to introduce us to this strapping young man here?” Laurie asked as she looked at Brian as well.

“Oh!” Sawyer exclaimed, whirling around to face Brian still standing in the doorway. “Sorry, everyone this is Brian. Brian that’s mom, Sam, Danny, Ryan, Alex and Tyler.”

Each one of the brothers gave Brian a small nod when she said their names and Tyler grinned broadly at him. Brian closed the door shut behind him as Sawyer pulled him further in the house and then took off his shoes by the door when he saw her doing the same.

“It’s um, very nice to finally meet you all.” He said. He held out his right hand to Laurie, the closest and she turned her head to the side in confusion before laughing.

“It’s nice to meet you too Brian!” She laughed, ignoring his hand and pulling him into an air-depriving hug.

Brian’s mouth opened in surprise but he hugged her back awkwardly with one hand. Ryan snorted quietly at the look on Brian’s face and elbowed Alex before nodding at Brian. Sawyer was busy hugging Sam and Danny and didn’t notice.

“Where’s your stuff you two?” Laurie asked, looking behind them.

“It’s in the car.” Sawyer said as she opened up the small closet to her left to hang up her coat. “We’re going to check into a hotel later.”

“Nonsense!” Laurie exclaimed. “You two can stay here! You of all people should know that we have plenty of room.”

“Oh, mom we were going to-” Sawyer started uneasily before she cut her off.

“Danny, Ryan, go get their stuff.” Laurie ordered, turning her head to look at them.

“No problem.” They both said in unison. Danny past Brian first on his way to the door and snatched his car keys out of his coat pocket. Brian gasped in surprise and turned his head in just enough time to see Danny give him a quick wink before he was out the front door followed closely behind by Ryan.

Sawyer rolled her eyes at her brothers before turning back to Laurie again. “Mom, really you don’t have to-”

“I haven’t seen you since my birthday.” Laurie interrupted. “And there’s no way I’m letting you two stay in some hotel when we’ve got plenty of room here.”

Sawyer sighed in defeat knowing perfectly well that her mother always got her way about things. Looking over she saw her brothers all eyeing Brian as he hung up his coat in the closet beside hers. Sam was looking him over suspiciously. She could tell he was pulling the same eldest-brother-intimidation face he had used on all of her high school boyfriends and stifled a laugh before looking at Alex.

Her youngest brother had an unreadable expression on his face and she couldn’t be sure if he was standing awkwardly off to the side because of the crowdedness of the entryway or because of Brian. Tyler, as she expected, was indiscreetly checking Brian out, not even bothering to hide it.

“He’s mine Ty.” She laughed, walking over to grab Brian’s arm territorially. Brian looked down and gave her a grateful smile while Tyler folded his arms over his chest in a mock-pout.

“Do you have a brother?” He asked hopefully, looking at Brian again.

“Ty!” Sawyer exclaimed exasperatedly at her brother’s question. She had been expecting him to ask something along those lines but she didn’t expect him to when Brian was in the same room.

“Uh, yeah Brent.” Brian replied awkwardly, slightly confused as to what that question had to do with anything. That is, until he finally got it. “-but he’s married.” He added quickly.

“Damn.” Tyler muttered disappointedly. “Well Sawyer,” He said, turning to his sister. “if you two don’t work out, you be sure to send him my way.” Brian didn’t know whether to laugh or be terrified at that comment and Tyler adding a wink at the end didn’t help him decide which it was.

“He’s teasing you.” Sawyer sighed, rolling her eyes at her brother before giving Brian’s arm a comforting squeeze. She might have said so, but the wicked grin on Tyler’s face told Brian otherwise.

“Coming through!” The twins shouted in unison as they came back in the front door each with a large suitcase in their hands. Brian and Sawyer stepped aside to let them pass and Sawyer reached over to close the door again.

The two were passing Sam on their way to the large staircase and Brian could have sworn he heard him mutter ‘Search it,’ before Ryan…or was it Danny? Whoever it was nodded before climbing up the stairs behind his brother.

“Hey Brian,” Alex said from his position leaning in the doorframe between the entryway and living room. “Do you like football?”

Thankful to finally answer a question that didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, Brian nodded.

“Who’s playing?” Sawyer asked. Growing up with five brothers, she loved football as much as any of them. Well, Tyler might be and exception. She was actually the quarterback on her high school’s varsity football team, taking Sam’s spot when he graduated.

“Packers and Vikings.” Sam replied.

“Well I guess that’s my cue to head back to the kitchen.” Laurie laughed. Never really being a football fan herself, this was her usual routine whenever a game was on. Normally Tyler would always help her too which is why she found it strange that he didn’t follow her to the kitchen. But she shrugged it off guessing he probably wanted to spend more time with his sister.

“Tyler I didn’t know you liked football.” Sawyer said, eyeing him curiously as she and the rest of the guys went into the living room. In all her twenty-four years she had never once seen her senior of one year brother watch a single minute of football let alone voluntarily watch a game.

“Are you kidding?” Tyler asked laughing as he sat down on the loveseat and put his feet up on the coffee table. “Lots of sweaty men in tight pants, what’s not to love?”

Sawyer laughed loudly and led Brian over to the large couch as Sam clicked the button on the remote to turn on the big screen television. Truth be told she had never seen the sport of football in that way but now as she thought about it, Tyler had a good point.

“Sawyer honey can you come in here for a minute?” Laurie called from the kitchen.

“Coming!” Sawyer called back before standing up from the couch. Brian instinctively held on to her hand and she laughed before leaning down again. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She said before kissing him lightly on the lips. “They won’t eat you while I’m gone, I promise.”

“Kay.” Brian said softly before releasing her hand. She laughed at the slightly worried look on his face and nodded encouragingly at her brothers before slipping out the doorway.

As Sawyer went out one doorway, Ryan and Danny returned through the other. They both caught Sam’s eye over on one of the armchairs. Sam looked at them hopefully but they shook their heads. He groaned inaudibly and shook his head at Alex before looking back to the football game. Brian, getting too absorbed in the game himself, didn’t notice the brothers’ nonverbal exchange of conversation.

“So Brian,” Ryan said, hopping the back of the couch to land in the open seat beside of him.

“We need to talk.” Danny finished, doing the same on the other side of the couch.

Brian stiffened in his seat as he looked uneasily between the twins and his voice shook as he answered them, much to his annoyance. “A-about what?”

Sam grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned the volume down lower before turning in is seat to look austerely at Brian. Alex and Tyler turned their attention away from the television as well but Tyler sent a glare at Sam, not Brian.

“I can’t believe I had to pretend to like football.” He said, cringing a little in his seat. He said the word as if it were some vulgar word or offensive to him in some way.

“This is for Sway Tyler, suck it up.” Sam said sternly, though not taking his eyes off of Brian.

Brian looked uneasily and now somewhat sacredly around the living room at the faces of the five Grey brothers.


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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:03 pm

This is such a kick ass story! I absolutley loved the second chapter. Brian just turned delusional as soon as her saw her roll out from under the Camaro. I was giggling at the end of every sentence.

I hope you'll keep this one up. =]
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PostSubject: Re: Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]   Tue Aug 25, 2009 2:26 pm

Aw, thank you!
I kinda just put this up to have something in the writing section, but I'll keep updating if you want. Except not at the moment because I'm not even supposed to be on right now. XD
I've still got homework to do .

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Haha cool. So you're going to keep it going? Yaaaaay Smile

I hate homework... Lucky I don't have it anymore! Hehe I love adulthood... Even though I don't act like one...

Imma shutup now for my own good. =]
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Chapter Three: Interrogations

Brian would have voluntarily gone into the feminine isle of the supermarket if it meant not having to sit in the presence of the five grey brothers in that moment. Each one of them had matching menacing glares on their faces, staring him down. He felt like he was some sort of lab animal the way they were all looking at him and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat on the couch.

He didn’t quite know which brother to look at first. His mind told him that looking down would be an obvious sign of weakness so instead he looked to the eldest brother Sam. He seemed to be the leader of the bunch and also the most intimidating. He was right with his assumption because he was the first brother to speak.

“Do you have a job?” Sam demanded.

Brian was a little perplexed by the question but answered nonetheless. “Um…yeah.” He said slowly. “I’m a guitarist.” The more egotistical part of him wanted to ask why none of them had ever heard of him but he decided against it. Better not deliberately piss the wolves off.

“How old are you?” Alex asked in the same demanding tone as his brother. Though he was several years younger than him, Brian was still intimidated by him.

“Twenty seven.” Brian replied uneasily as he looked nervously from Alex to Sam, who was still staring him down.

“Do you drink?” One of the twins asked.

“Do you smoke?” The other asked before he could answer the first.

Brian thought it best to answer these questions honestly. Seriously, how else could he explain the ‘MARLBORO’ tattooed across his knuckles?
“Um, yes to both.” He replied.

Sam narrowed his eyes at him before asking another question. “Do you go to church?”

Now this question was just plain unfair in Brian’s opinion. If he said no he’d end up looking like an asshole. But if he said yes, he’d be a lying asshole. A double-sided sword really. So, he figured a white lie could pacify them. At least he hoped so.

“When I can.” He said slowly, choosing his words carefully. “But it’s kind of hard to find time when the band’s touring.”

“So how do you find time to be with our sister?” Alex asked suspiciously. “Does she come on tour with you or does she just sit at home while you mess around with random groupies?”

“What? No!” Brian exclaimed furiously. “No, I would never-”

“Oh come on Brian,” Sam said accusingly. “You said you’re a guitarist right? Then you must get loads of girls throwing themselves at you. I know Sawyer would never go on some tour; she’d be working at her shop. It’d be easy enough to cheat. She would never know.”

“I would never-” Brian started to growl defensively before one of the twins cut him off.

“Do you have any old girlfriends that we should know about?” He asked.

“What? Why do you want to know about-”

“Brian we’re going to get something straight right now.” Sam said sternly. “Sawyer is our sister. She is our only sister; and we are going to make sure she is taken care of properly. If you hurt her in any way, shape, or form, you will rue the day you were ever born. Is that clear?”

“Who’s winning?” Sawyer asked brightly as she came back into living room. She couldn’t have had more perfect timing in Brian’s opinion.

“Vikings, but the Packers have the ball now.” Alex replied, changing his previously harsh, accusing tone to a pleasant one.

“You guys haven’t been harassing Brian while I was gone have you?” She asked, looking mock-sternly around the room.

“Of course not.” Sam replied cheerfully. “Brian was just telling us about your guys’ trip here from California.”

Brian turned his head to look at Sam with an utterly bewildered expression on his face. Bipolar much? Sam’s face darkened when they both made eye contact and he gave Brian a look that clearly said, ‘lie through your teeth.’

“Oh, um yeah.” Brian said quickly, turning his attention back to Sawyer, but still keeping Sam in his peripheral vision. “I-I was.”

“I hope you weren’t telling them everything about the trip.” She laughed. If it was even possible the color in Sam’s face grew twice as much as he glared daggers at Brian. He gulped and shook his head.

“Ryan you’re in Sway’s seat.” Sam said, looking over at the twin to Brian’s right.

“Nah that’s alright, I’ll take the floor.” Sawyer said as she walked further in the room.

“You can have mine.” Tyler said in a strained voice before he shot up from his armchair and bolted to the door, hopping over the coffee table as he went.

“What’s up with him?” Sawyer asked, looking after her brother with a bewildered look on her face as she crossed the room to take his recently vacated seat.

The remaining brothers all shrugged their shoulders though they all knew Tyler was probably hyperventilating in the kitchen from the exposure of football.

After what had to be the most uncomfortable two hours of Brian’s life, the football game ended. Every five minutes or so Sam, or one of the other brothers would shoot him menacing glares when Sawyer wasn’t looking. All the while Brian was wondering what he had done wrong to make them all hate him so much. He had only just met them today; such anger couldn’t be formed in that short of time, could it?

He was relieved though when Laurie entered the living room again. She at least seemed to like him. At least he hoped so.

“Dinner time.” She announced brightly.

“Alright, food!” The twins cheered in unison as they leaped out of their seats on either side of Brian. He still couldn’t get over the twin thing when they both said the exact same thing as the other. He would have thought he’d be used to it considering the amount of time he’d been around Val and Michelle, but he wasn’t.

“Sawyer can I talk to you for a sec?” Sam asked, stopping her before she left with Alex and the twins to leave the room.

“Sure, what’s up?” She asked, stopping in the doorway.

“Alone.” Sam added, shooting Brian a dark look.

“I’ll be right there.” Sawyer said to Brian, nodding at the door for him to go on without her.

Brian looked from the two nervously before walking quickly out of the room in the direction of the dining room. Once Sam was sure Brian was safely out of earshot he turned to Sawyer.

“You gotta end it with this guy.” He said seriously.

Sawyer stared strangely at her brother not knowing if he was actually serious or not. He didn’t show any signs of humor to his statement but she spoke in question anyway.

“What?” She asked.

“This thing you’ve got with that guy.” Sam said. “You need to end it.”

“That guy has a name Sam.” She retorted irritably. “And what do you mean ‘end it’?”

“I mean you have to stop seeing him.” He replied. “I don’t like the looks of this guy. And I don’t trust him at all.”

“I’ve been seeing him for seven months Sam,” She said angrily. “I think I know him a hell of a lot better than you do. And where do you get off by telling me whom I can or can’t date? I’m twenty-five years old Sam. I’m not in high school anymore. You can’t just run off any guy that shows an interest in me anymore. It’s my life, and I’m going to see whoever the hell I want.”

And with that, she turned on her heels and walked out of the room without another word. She couldn’t believe the nerve her brother had to tell her she ‘had’ to stop seeing Brian. He barely knew him. She paused at the doorway of the dining room and looked in at him sitting at the table.

It had been seven months since they had been seeing each other and she still got butterflies in her stomach when she looked at him. Of all the gorgeous women in the world, he chose her. Little did she know that Brian felt the same way when he looked at her.

Since they first met she had never ceased to amaze him. She was nothing like any of the other girls he had dated in the past. And she was definitely nothing like Michelle. She wasn’t clingy, needy, whinny, or some money-seeking whore only after him because he was a famous guitarist. She loved him for who he was, not the money in his pocket. And he the same.

Brian looked up from the table to see her leaning in the doorway looking at him and she smiled widely before walking into the room to sit in the open chair beside him. Sam came into the dining room right behind her and narrowed his eyes at them both before taking his seat across the table from them. Sawyer gave him a dark look and reached a hand up to pull Brian’s face to hers. Brian was a little confused as to why she was kissing him but who was he to complain?

“Ahem.” Laurie coughed awkwardly from her seat at the head of the table. Sawyer broke apart from Brian and grinned impishly up at her. Laurie gave her a mock-disapproving look before laughing and shaking her head. Inside she was secretly doing a celebratory dance that her daughter had finally found someone like Brian.

“So are we going to see any little Brians or Sawyers running around any time soon?” Tyler asked casually as he passed along a bowl of mashed potatoes down the table.

Sawyer nearly spat out the water she was drinking at this question and she coughed loudly before putting the glass back down on the table. “Um it’s a little early to be thinking about that, don’t you think?” She said awkwardly.

“Yeah.” Sam muttered darkly from across the table. “I just started eating.”

“And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Sawyer demanded angrily, turning her head to glare at him murderously.

“Hey now.” Laurie said, sensing an argument brewing. “What did I say about not picking fights while you are all here?”

“It’s a little late for that.” Sawyer growled, still glaring across the table at Sam.

“Sway could you pass me the stuffing?” Danny asked from a ways down the table, distracting her momentarily.

Sam reached into his pocket for his cell phone and flipped it open. He clicked the first contact on there that happened to be his brother Alex. He typed in a message quickly, holding the phone beneath the table on his lap and hit the send button.

A few moments later Alex pulled his phone from his pocket to see that Sam was texting him from down the length of the table. He looked questioningly down at him but Sam only nodded at his phone for him to read the message.

We have to break them up.

Again Alex looked down the table with a confused look before Sam nodded at Sawyer and Brian. He released immediately what his brother meant and he quickly typed a message back.


Sam’s phone vibrated a moment later and he typed his reply quickly.

Any way we can. But it’s gotta be fast.

Why? What’s wrong with him?

There’s something about him I don’t trust. He’s not right for her, I know it.

Alex nodded in agreement after reading the message and put his phone back in his pocket.

“Are you two texting each other while you’re in the same room?” Laurie demanded, looking from Alex on her left to Sam down the table.

“He was asking me to pass the gravy Ma.” Alex lied easily before lifting the large gravy boat in front of him.

Laurie rolled her eyes and went back to eating her dinner and chatting with Tyler on her other side. Sawyer however gave both her brothers suspicious looks before going back to her food. Instinctually she reached under the table for Brian’s hand and squeezed it gently. Brian looked down at their hands with a puzzled look on his face before she mouthed ‘thank you.’

“Thank you for what?” He whispered back.

“Putting up with my brothers.” She murmured quietly so only he could hear.

He smiled and leaned in closer to her ear. “You’re worth it.” He whispered in her ear before kissing her gently on the cheek.

She blushed slightly at the feel of his lips on her skin and smiled up at him before going back to her dinner.

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I want to kick her brothers up the hoohah! (I'm not sure if we're alowed bad language hehe)

If they had any bit of respect for their sister they would at least try to learn about what kind of guy Brian is before elliminating him straight away. Especially Sam ugh.

You're getting me frustrated so easily! Pure talent I say... Like a Star @ heaven heres a blue star for you from me. =p
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Chapter Four: Justin Timberlake

“They hate me!” Brian all but shouted as soon as he closed the door of the bedroom he was sharing with Sawyer. After a near disastrous ‘family gathering’ in the living room, they had both retired upstairs for bed. There was another little outburst from Sam about the two sharing a room but Laurie saying that the two were going to share a hotel room anyway quickly put an end to that dispute.

Sawyer sighed heavily and began tossing the small throw pillows on the bed to the foot where their suitcases were. “They don’t hate you.” She reasoned, choosing her words carefully. “They’re just… trying to get to know you.”

“Get to know me?” Brian asked almost shouting, catching one of the pillows in his hands before it hit him. “That was getting to know me? By setting me on fire?!”

“Oh your pants barely singed.” She scowled as she walked to the end of the bed and unzipped her suitcase on the floor to search through it. “Besides, I thought you said you knew how to light a fireplace.”

“I do.” He said defensively as he watched her extract a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt from her suitcase. “It was all Ryan’s fault though. He’s the one that handed me a lit match and dropped it on me.”

“Well he thought you had it.” She sighed, rolling her eyes. She had been expecting at least one of her brothers to do something like this since she came through the door of the house but she didn’t think Ryan would actually set Brian on fire. Of course it wasn’t a large fire; it was only a small flame that was stamped out immediately. She knew it was harmless joking, but Brian thought otherwise.

“Sure he did.” Brian grumbled sarcastically as he pulled the sweatshirt he was wearing off followed by his t-shirt and jeans leaving him in only a pair of boxers. “What are you doing putting them on?” He asked, nodding to the sweatpants and baggy t-shirt she was pulling on. “I’ll just end up ripping them off you in a minute.”

“Dream on.” She laughed, tugging her shirt down over her head. “We’re in the same house as my family, remember? My mom’s room is just down the hall and so are my brothers.”

“But we can be really, really quiet.” He pleaded as she pulled on the sweatpants and tightened the drawstrings around her waist so they fit right.

“Us? Quiet?” She mused, folding her arms across her chest as she watched him crawl into his side of the bed.

Brian sighed in defeat knowing perfectly well that ‘quiet sex’ was an oxymoron when it came to them. Sawyer laughed loudly at his dejected expression and pulled the blankets back on her side to crawl into the bed beside him.

“You owe me so big when we get back home.” He murmured in her ear as he wrapped an arm around to pull her close against his chest.

“I’ll make it up to you.” She laughed, turning her head before kissing him quickly on the lips. “I promise.” She reached over to turn out the lamp on the end table next to her and Brian was about to do the same on his side when something caught his eye.

It took everything in him not to burst out laughing at what he had spotted but he forced his face into a serious expression before speaking again. “This was your old room, wasn’t it.” He said. It wasn’t a question, just more of a statement.

“No this was Tyler’s old room.” Sawyer said through a yawn as she snuggled into her pillows. “Mom fixed up all the rooms when everyone moved out a while ago. Why?”

“Um…” Brian said, covering his mouth to stifle a laugh. “Well I think she must have missed something then.”

Sawyer’s face pulled into a confused frown and she turned on the bed to face him. “What do you mean?” She asked.

Brian could only laugh quietly and point up at the ceiling. She looked up to what he was pointing at and let out an uncontrollable laugh. “That is so Ty!” She gasped though her laughing fit.

Tacked on the ceiling was a large poster of Justin Timberlake.

“Oh God that is so creepy.” Sawyer said, wiping her eyes a little form the tears of laughter. “The eyes-” She gasped. “Look! They just follow you.”

It was true. All the ways Brian shifted on the bed Justin Timberlake’s eyes seemed to follow him.

“Can we take it down?” He asked uneasily as he looked away from the poster at Sawyer.

“God yes.” She said laughing before she pushed the blankets down her legs and stood up on the bed.

She was reaching up to take the first tack off when she felt a tugging at the leg of her sweatpants. Looking down she saw Brian grinning mischievously up at her before he tugged a little harder. She scowled playfully and moved farther to the edge of the bed out of his reach as she lifted her hand back up to take the poster down. Brian laughed quietly and before she reached the tack he sat up quickly and grabbed her around the waist to pull her back down on the bed.

“Brian!” She gaped as he pinned her down underneath him. “What are you-?”

But she didn’t finish as his lips came down on hers in a passionate kiss that sent her mind wheeling. For that moment she completely forgot that she was in the same house as her family and she moaned loudly as she pulled his body closer down on hers.

“We have to be quiet.” Brian laughed quietly as he pulled away from her mouth for a minute. Her face pulled into a confused look before she suddenly remembered what he was talking about.

“Brian!” She gasped, pushing him up. “Don’t do that to me!”

“Do what?” He laughed innocently before kissing her deeply again.

Again, she couldn’t help but moan into his kiss but she snapped out of it again and pushed him up. “You can’t kiss me like that!” She hissed quietly so no one in the house could hear her shout.

“Why not?” He pouted, tracing a hand down her jaw line slowly before running his thumb across her bottom lip. He lowered his voice to whisper huskily in her ear. “I thought you liked me kissing you.”

Sawyer bit her lip to keep from moaning as his lips left her ear and went to her neck instead. It took everything in her to lift her arms and push his shoulders back to make him look at her.

“If you kiss me like that,” She said, attempting to put a stern look on her face. “Then I forget entirely where I am and then I loose control.”

“That’s the idea babe.” He replied, grinning wickedly down at her. “Just be really, really, really quiet.” He whispered before tugging at the drawstrings on her sweatpants.

“That’s impossible.” She stated, flashing him the same grin he was sporting.

“Nothing’s impossible.” He said with one of the cheesiest grins he could muster as he ran his hand up the inside of her t-shirt.

Sawyer rolled her eyes at the corniness of his line but reached up to pull him closer to kiss him, nonverbally admitting her surrender. Brian did a little victory dance inside realizing he had won and was about to lift her t-shirt off over her head when she stopped him for a minute.

“Justin Timberlake is watching us.” She said seriously, pointing up at the ceiling.

Brian laughed loudly and leaned in to kiss her deeply. “Let him watch.” He growled before lifting her t-shirt off and throwing it to the side of the bed.

“Brian!” She giggled, smacking his arm playfully before he reached around to unclasp her bra. “I’m not having sex with you if Justin Timberlake is watching.”

He sighed heavily and pushed himself up to stand on the bed. “You’re killing me dude.” He said aloud to the poster as he started taking the tacks out of the ceiling that held it up. He was about to take out the last tack when he felt a tugging at his boxers. He looked underneath his arm to see Sawyer with a wicked smile on her face as she tugged at his boxers harder. Hurriedly he yanked out the last tack and tossed the poster to the floor, then the tacks on the nightstand.

“Tease.” He laughed as he knelt down on the bed.

“Who is?” Sawyer asked innocently.

“You.” He said before kissing her. She felt his tongue slide across her bottom lip just as his hands came behind her back to unclasp her bra.

“No.” She said grinning as she put a hand on his chest to hold him back. “I would be a tease if I got off this bed right now and went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

“But you won’t.” He said smirking as he snapped one hook.

She narrowed her eyes playfully and moved her back against the headboard so he couldn’t get the second hook. “And what makes you so sure of that, hmm?”

“Simple.” He replied, pulling behind her knees so she was on her back again in the pillows. “I won’t let you go.”

She laughed at his sly demeanor and pulled him down again to kiss him deeply.

I wanna love like
Johnny and June
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Leave Out All The Rest [SG/OC 15+]
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