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 What The Fuck Did You Do Kid? (SynGates)

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PostSubject: What The Fuck Did You Do Kid? (SynGates)   Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:01 pm


Jessica's POV/
Sitting On The Floor Of The Cell, No Shoe-Laces Belt Or Head Band, I Realized That Was The most stupidest thing to do ever.

\Flash Back/
"Just Do It Jess...", "Yeah Go On!" Said a few of my "Friends" "Alright, Alright just shut up and let me think of how to!" I Said drunkenly this was a common thing on a Friday night, me and a select few friends getting drunk at my brothers old "spot" then getting dared to do some crazy stunt. I know what your thinking "What is crazy?" I Mean cliff diving, clay pigeon shooting with stolen china setting corn-field's on fire, you Know that kind Of shit. "All you need to do is run over those roof tops and jump onto that Toyota." Said Libby, I let my Black/blue hair fall over my face, I Knew Matt Wouldn't be pleased but Fuck him, I'm 19 he's 24 (In This they're like 24/25) "Fine, but If I Break Something you're taking me to the hospital." I Said Sweeping My hair back into a messy pony tail. I climbed the tree on and Jumped onto the Roof. "Like a boss", I said under my breath, Running as fast as i could was the plan, One house, Two House, 3 House, Last House JUMP! I Landed with a thud on the wind screen of the Large Toyota Truck.
It Smashed into what looked like a thousand Pieces. It Looked like there were laughing, I Think The crunch May Have Damaged My Hearing. I Felt a Sharp Pain As I Rolled off the Bonnet, I Saw Libby, Ashley And Hayley Run To The Distance As a Fuzzled Siren Became Closer And Closer. "Fuck!" I Said, Trying to get up, a large dribble of blood followed My every Foot Step, "FREEZE AND GET ON THE GROUND" a Hefty female officer Said, I Complied not having the physical energy to Move, I Was in Pure agony. I Dropped to my knee's And Felt To Steel Cuff's Constrict Tightly Around My Wrist. I Can't Believe I Go Arrested...

"Oi, Saunders! Your Free To Go." Said The Same Officer, She Handed Me My Things And a Piece Of Paper. "I Don't Want To See You Here Again, And Make Sure You Go To The Hospital Tomorrow." She said Patting my back. I Smiled Weakly I Need sleep, water and ALLOT of Pain killer.
"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JESS?!" Shouted Matt As I Got Into His Range Rover. "Yes Matty My Foot Is Fine, No Permanent Damage Or Anything." I Returned With a Glare. "You Need To get your head sorting out Little Girl!" " I'm Nineteen. Just Saying Brother Dear." I Crossed My Arms and Slipped On Matt's Dark Aviators. "STOP ACTING LIKE YOUR NINE!" "I Don't Act Like a Nine Year Old, Did My "Friends" Run From The Police, Or Did I Do The Honorable Thing And Stay There?" " You Did The Dumb Thing, you Should Of Ran! Not That You Could Of Done. Oh And By The Way Your On House Arrest At Mine Until Your Court Hearing." "FUCK!" "Don't Use That FUCKING Language When Your With Your Big Brother!" "What Ever, You Know, You Did Alot Worse Things Than This When You Were My Age so Who Are You To Judge Me?!" "I Am Your Brother, And You Will Do As You Are Told." "Fuck you. I Can't Be Bothered Arguing With you Anymore Mathew." "Did I Tell You, Brian And Jimmy's Staying Aswell." Fucking Great. More People Judging Me, "Just Want To Sleep Now... " I Said Looking Down. "you Can Sleep When We Get Home Jessy, Just Promise Me You'll Try, Not To Get Into Anymore Trouble After Today..." I Took A Deep Breath, " Yeah Matty Of Course I Will." I Closed My Eyes And Drifted Off To Sleep.

I felt Someone Shaking Me "JESS! Wake up You Lazy Shit!" I Didn't Know Who it was, But I Knew It Wasn't Matt Or Val... "Alright Fuck Off Shit Bag!" I Said Slicking The Loose Strands Of Hair Behind My Ears. "Finally! Dinners Ready!" I Took Out My Contact Lenses And Put My Glasses On. "Alright Zacky. No Need to Get So Excited It's Food." He helped Me Up And Grabbed Around My Waist, Acting Like a Human Crutch. "Thanks" I Said As He Sat Me Down At The Dining Table. "Evening Jail Bird." Shouted Jimmy From The Stairs. "Haha, Your So Fricking Hilarious." I Rolled My eyes And Dug Into My Meal. "Specky Pass The Salt..." Said Jimmy On The Other Side Of The Table. "You Can't Really Call Anyone Can You Jimmy?" Said Val Giving Me A Wink As I Smiled at Her. The Meal Ended, there Was One Face Missing... Syn.

I Shuffled On Ass To My Room, I Was So Uncomfortable It was Untrue, I Needed a Shower And My Bed. More Than Ever. I Got My Old Crutches Out Of my Closet And Hoped To My Dresser, I Layed Out My Clothes, Got My Towel Stripped Down To My Under Wear Wrapped My Towel Around Me and Walked into my En-Suite,
And What Was There To Await Me... Synyster Mother-Fucking Gates... With Just a Towel Around His "Parts"... "Um Hey Jess." He Said Shaking His Hair, Staring At Me. "Can you Get Out of My Bathroom, I'm Kind Of Half Naked..." I Said Trying To Hop Back Out But Falling Flat On My Arse, Letting Go Of My Towel.
He Helped Me Up, His Toned Tattooed Biceps Curling Around My Half Naked Body As I Blushed and Put My Towel Around Myself Again... "Thanks" I Murmured Adjusting My Bra Strap. "It's Fine..." He Said Taking One Last Look At Me As He Stepped Into The Other Doorway, Leading To His "Room".
"Fuck." I Said Feeling My Face Blush The Deepest Shade Of Red Ever... I This Shower Better Be Cold.
"Since When She Get Those" I Thought Envisioning Her Sat There On The Bathroom Floor. Shake It Off Syn, You Can't Think Of Her That Way...
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PostSubject: Re: What The Fuck Did You Do Kid? (SynGates)   Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:01 pm

I Don't Know This Band Or Want To Insinuate That I Know Them, All Characters That Aren't The Band are Completely Fictional.

Part 2/
Jess' POV-
Walking Down Stairs At Half Six After Waking Up From a Night Mare, I Had My Old Iron Maiden Shirt That Matt Got Me, and My Old Ripped Jeans, I Couldn't Manage To Reach My "Good Clothes" Becasue Well... My Foot. Setting The Table For Breakfast I Decided To Cook: Bacon, Eggs, Toast And Waffles. When It Was Finally Ready I Shouted Everyone Down. "HEY! LAZY FUCKERS! ASSES UP BREAKFAST IS READY!"
Everyone Came Bounding Down The Stairs Sniffing The Air and Grabbing Plates Simmultaniously. Syn Walked Over And Put His Hand On My Forehead Then Shifted It Down To My Cheek. "No Jimmy, I'm Sure This Must Be The Nice Twin." He Said With a Cocky Smile. "Hand Off My Face Gates Or No Breakfast." I Warned Him With a Smile. "Morning, What Smells Good?" Said Zacky Emerging From The Front Door. "Food." Said Jimmy With a Mouth Full Of Eggs. "Enough For Me?" Zacky Said Excitedly. "Sure Help Your Self" I Plonked Down On The Sofa And Turned On The New Criminal Minds Episode From Last Night. "No Having Any Honey?" Said Val Sitting Next To Me."No, I Had Some Toast Before You Came Down." She Shot Me a Smile And Tucked Back In.

Matt's POV-
What's Happened To My Cocky Annoying As Fuck Little sister? Where Ever That Was, I Hope It Stayed There, Maybe Our Talk In Car Really Worked... "Mails Here." She Said Limping Down The Path to The Mail Box. "All For You Matt and I Need a Lift To College Later." I Saw My Little Sister Wince With Pain As She Caught Her Ankle On The Corner Of the Coffee Table. "Mother Fuck!" She Said Hopping To The Sofa. I Went Over And Looked At The Bandage. You Need This Changed, I'll Take You To The Hospital. "I've Got An Exam Today." She Said Looking Down At Her Hands. "What Time?" I Said Poking Her Forehead so She'd Look At Me. "Half 2," She Said Giving Me A Little Smile. "Brian Will Take You After The Exam Then." I Said Gently Placing Jess's Foot Onto The Couch Once Again. "I Will?" Said Brian In The Middle Of A Mouthful Of Bacon. "Yeah, I Have An Interview, Val Is With Her Sister, Johnny Doesn't Like Jess, And Zacky and Jimmy Are Brain Storming." I Protested. "Fine, But I Don't Like It Either." He Said Pointing At Her. "Feeling Mutual Sunshine." Jess Smiled Sarcasticly And Get Her Socks Off The Radiator. Making My Way Out Of The Door with Jess, I Looked At Her Piercing Filled Face And Saw She Was Scared.

Jess POV-
I Was Shaking, This Exam Was The World. This Could Mean The Difference Between, Uni Or No Uni... I Saw Matt Looking At Me From The Corner Of My Eye. "You'll Do Fine" He Said Squeezing My Hand. "Thanks" I Smiled. I Was Training To Be A docotor And So Far I Was Good At This Shit. I Just Need This Exam To Go Well.
2:20pm I Checked My Phone Before Switching It Off To Hand It In To The Examniors. "No Mobile Phones, MP3 Players Or Devices Permitted." and With That I Took My Seat And Took Out My Pen. "Your Time Starts Now" I Took A Deep Breath And Truned My Paper Over.

Syns POV-
"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!" I Said To Myself In The Car. Why Did I Agree To This? I Know That I Won't Be Able To Do This, She's So Fucking Annoying But so Hot. SHUT THE FUCK UP HEAD! As I Pulled Into The College Campus I Searched For The Exam Hall. That's When I Saw Her Pettit Little Frame Lent Against A Wall, Her Head thrown Back In Laughter. She Looked So Amaz... STOP NOW. I Beeped And Rolled Down The Window, "Get In Bitch" I Spat, "Nice To See You too Brian." She Said Giving Me another Sarcastic Grin. "OMG IT'S SYN GATES" The Fans Were Swarming. Not That I Wassn't Greatful For them I Just Wanted This *Mental Air Arrow Between Me and Jess* To Be Over.
The Waiting room Was Crowded, But We Were Called In Before We Could Sit Down. ..

Jess' POV-
Syn Looked Really Nervous, Why...? I Was The One Who Has to Have Aload Of Antiseptic On My Foot. The Nurse Took The Bandage Off As Soon As I Sat Down. Jesus I Must Of Done Some Damage, It Looked Like I'd Let a 4 Year Old CLip My Toe Nails... The Bitch Poked The Wound To Much, Blood Spurted Out all Over Her White Overalls. "Jesus" She Said Wiping Herslef Down. The doctor Came In And Started Doing The "Oh This Iss't Going to Hurt Speech" I Can Safely Say It Stung Like a Bitch, I Had Tear's In My Eyes Already and They Were Only Half Way Done.

Syn's POV-
She Looked Like she'd Just Been Punched, I Reached Out and Grabbed Her Hand. She Gave Me a "Da Fuck?!" Look Squoze As The Docotor Repacked Her Foot. "Ahhh Fuck." She Moaned "Language." The Nurse Muttered Under Her Breath. Jess Looked Like She'd Started to Cry. "Why You Crying?" I Said, It Came Out All Twisted And Evil. "Want Me To Kick You In The Nuts and Rip Your Dick Off See If your Crying Then, Because That's What It Feels Like." She Said Angrilly Throwing The Hand I Held Over Her Stomach. I Fucked This Up...
-2 Hours Later-
"Does It Really Take This Fucking Long" Jess Whined. It's Half 4. Nearly Dinner Time and I Was Impatient and Hungry Aswell. "Done" Said the Doctor Putting The Pin Inplace. Oh And Here's Your Ankle Bracelet. Police Gave Me It. Kerfew Is Half 12." He Said Helping Her Up. "Oh Woo Hoo I'm So Excited." She Said Sarcasticly. We Got To The Car and Being The Gentleman I Am Helped Her Into The Passenger Seat. "Wanna Go Grab Something To Eat?" I Asked Hopefuly. "Yeah, I'm Starving!" She Said Giving Me a Suprisingly Warm Smile, Must Of Been The Pain Killers. We Pulled Up Into The Parking Lot Of The Mall And Walked Up To The Food Court. I Picked Pizza Hut Because Well... Pizza Rocks. "What Can I Get You" Said The Hot Blonde Waitress. "Half Pepperoni Half Cheese, 2 Cokes and Your Phone Number Please." I Said With a Wink, She Blushed And Walked Away Putting The Order In. "Smooth Gates." Said Jess Standing Up. "Were You Going" I Asked "Bathroom" She Said Rolling Her Eyes. God She's Such a Bitch. The Pizza Came, We Ate And Drank. "How D'you Think You Did?" I Asked Smiling. "Alright I S'pose." She Said Sipping Her Coke. "Loving Your Enthusiasm" I Said Flicking Some Cheese At Her. A Malevolent Grin Spread Across Her Face As she Chucked A Crust At My Head. I Had to Admit It Was Pretty Funny. "Your In For It Now Saunders." I Said With a Cheeky Grin. "Come Get It Haner" She Said After We Paid The Bill. I Chased Her Around The Mall, Giggling And Grabbing At Her. I Spotted a Photo Booth at The Corner. I Drgged Her In There And Got Some Photo's...

Jess' POV-
He Forced Me On His Lap And Snaked His Arms Around My Waist. "What No Room On The Bench Fatty?" I teased Him, "Just Smile Bitch" He Said Smiling.
1st Photo Was Just Us Smiling.
2nd Was Me Giving Him The One Finger Salute As He Pretended To Kiss Me.
3rd Was Me Kissing His Cheek and Him Looking Creeped Out
4th and Final Was Him Kissing Me On The Lips.
I Got Up And Walked Out. Walking To The Car with Key's In Hand.
What The Fuck Just Happend?
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What The Fuck Did You Do Kid? (SynGates)
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