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PostSubject: Politics   Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:00 pm

A thread to discuss politics!
Bear in mind that conversation (note the word "conversation"- meaning open discussion) should remain intelligent, open to others' ideas, and not simply assuming without possibility of error that your thoughts are the only correct ones.
One "rule" if you will i'd just like to emphasize for this thread is the: anti-"i'm not closed minded i'm left wing" view of things.
If the discussion gets onto a subject that greatly divides left and right wing politics, don't say that the "right wing people" are being closed minded and need to open their mind and go die, that's being more closed minded than anyone!

Anyway, i guess what i'm basically saying is come here with an open mind and the ability to discuss things in more than quick one-liners that reaffirm things people already know.

I'll begin by announcing my own views on politics- feel free to disagree, they're rather loaded xD

To be quite honest, I like the idea of anarchy really.
Not anarchy in terms of chaos, in terms of violence and anger and destruction
Anarchy in terms of everyone being equal to the extent of their abilities. Anarchy built on human empathy and motivation. Unfortunately, i don't think the world's ready for it. But I think that anarchy really does make sense- anarchy where we don't need a government, not anarchy where we just don't want it.
A lack of people telling us what to do because we've taken responsibility and we're doing it for ourselves.
But unfortunately, i don't think the world is at the point where we need to be bettering our world. Our world can't better itself without bettering the people of the world.
One day though, I firmly believe, people will be educated, empathetic, responsible and motivated enough to govern themselves on an equal scale. Not anarchy in terms of destruction, but a linear "structure," not a hierarchical structure as we have and need right now.
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