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 Something Real [Brian Haner Jr.] Rated: 16+

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PostSubject: Something Real [Brian Haner Jr.] Rated: 16+   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:04 pm

Rating: 16+
Characters: Avenged Sevenfold, (mainly Brian Haner Jr.), Sarah Cooper, Rachel Gattina, and other OCs along the way.
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Brian Haner Jr. or the rest of Avenged Sevenfold (because only God knows what I'd do to them if I did). The storyline is mine. So Steal, and I'll kill you.
Chapter Index:
001: "The Return" page one
002: "Dear Avenged Sevenfold" page one
003: "New Friends" page one

thank you StubbornChloeSmiles for the awesome banner!

Katelyn! I love you so much! Thanks girlie:)

CharmedLuna it's beautiful! Thanks!

Brian Haner Jr. is living the life. He's a rockstar, he's famous, he's talented, and he's good-looking. But underneath all the fame and fortune, there's still something missing. He doesn't know what it is. He doesn't know how to find it. Until one girl enters his life, to change everything...

Inspired by:

Wounded by Good Charlotte

Title Credit: Something Real the debut album of Meg & Dia

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Posts : 91
Join date : 2009-08-20
Age : 26
Location : walking into a dream

PostSubject: chapter one   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:26 pm

001. "The Return"

Welcome to California

Brian Haner Jr., betterly known as Synyster Gates, sat by the tour bus window staring out, observing the cars passing on the California Freeway, the 101. He sighed and turned up the volume on his IPOD. He tuned out his four other band-mates who were occupied in front of the TV of the bus lounge, playing Guitar Hero. He sighed, and turned his attention back to the window.

Just another tour, he thought to himself. Lately, that’s all he’s been thinking about. ‘Just another tour’, as if it were nothing. Just another step in his day. He turned back to his friends, who looked like they were having the time of their lives. He smiled, at least they were having a good time.

Is it wrong that I’m not enjoying this with them? he questioned himself. He could remember a time, when touring had been his entire life; where, he lived, breathed, and would have died for road life. So what’s happened?

It’s the year 2008, and it’s been about eight years since the release of their debut album. He should have felt on top of the world. He was living his dream, making music that mattered to people, he had fans, a ‘Deathbat’ following, if you must…but something was missing.

He felt the bus come to a slow stop, and he saw that they had arrived at their bassist Johnny’s place first.

“Alright I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Later!” He shouted happily, walking his things off the bus. The other band members waved their goodbyes, and watched him walk to his front doorstep.

The bus began to move again. The next three stops were: the band’s singer, Matt’s house, followed by his fellow guitarist, Zacky’s, then finally the drummer, Jimmy’s. But unlike the other stops, where the bandmates had simply walked up to their front doors to disappear, Jimmy’s fiancé, Leana was out there to greet him. Brian, still by the window, watched his friend run to his girl. Just as excited as he was, Leana had squealed --loud enough for Brian to hear on the bus-- and jumped into his awaiting arms. Brian smiled at the embrace, only to frown shortly after. Though his band-mates had to walk up an empty path to their homes, he knew that behind those front doors, awaited the loves of their lives.

Brian felt the bus start up again and pull away from the scene at Jimmy’s. As usual, he was the last to get dropped off. But he didn’t mind so much, it gave him more time to just hang out, before getting back to home life, or lack there of. During the tour, Brian’s --then-- girlfriend had come to visit, only to dump Brian flat on his ass. No one had seen the breakup coming. Before the Avenged boys had left on tour, Brian thought that things were fine, but according to Michelle they were far from it. And now, returning to California, only to go back to an empty home.

Brian sighed and stood up, he fetched his suitcase from his bunk in the back, and rolled it to the couches where he had been sitting. He glanced out the window, and saw the bus closely approaching his Huntington Beach, beach home. As the bus pulled up against the curb, Brian went to stand by the door.

“Well, last stop,” Jesse, the bus driver announced, “home sweet home eh?”

Brian smiled over at him, “yeah…I guess.”

Jesse quirked an eyebrow, “what? You’re not excited? You’ve been cramped on this bus for so long and-”

“Oh don’t get me wrong,” Brian cut him off, “I’m glad to be home, it’s just-”

“You like road life too much?”

“No it’s not that…” silence fell over the two, as Jesse opened the door for him. Brian stepped off, “thanks Jesse. See ya next tour?”

“You bet,” Jesse said with one last smile, before shutting the bus door, and driving off, leaving Brian to start back on life…

But before he could even set his bags down, his home phone line began ringing. He walked over to the line and lazily answered with a hello.

“Dude,” it was Zacky, “you’ve got to get over to Larry’s house. Like now.”

“I just got home man. Why the hell do you want me to get to our manager’s house now? Can’t it wait till-”

“No this is important,” was all Zack said before the line went dead. Brian knew he had no choice. Either he showed up willingly, or the guys would all head over to his place. So slowly, but surely, he walked into his garage and started up the engine to his BMW.

Driving down Pacific Coast Highway, he opened up the windows to inhale that Orange County ocean smell. It was a great refresher for his nose, especially since he had spent the last five months on a tour bus with four other men. Approaching his next turn, onto Larry’s street, he turned down the radio and rolled up the windows. He pulled up to the house and killed the engine.

When he rang the doorbell, Johnny had opened the door. “Okay someone better explain to me why I’m here when I just got-Hey what the fuck John?” he asked as Johnny cut him off mid sentence to pull on his arm. Johnny had drug him into Larry’s living room, where the rest of the guys were sitting.

They were all silent as Brian had walked into the room. With all eyes on him, he questioned, “um, did someone die?” Their heads all dropped, only making Brian think his assumption was correct. That was until Matt spoke up.

“You should read this,” he stood up to tell Brian. Brian watched Matt hand him a piece of paper.

Brian took it and only read the top heading, “Dear Avenged Sevenfold…Okay why am I reading a fan letter?”

The guys all sighed, and Matt said again, “read the next line.”

Brian rolled his eyes and continued reading, “

Dear Avenged Sevenfold,

My name is Sarah. And I have cancer…

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Posts : 91
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Age : 26
Location : walking into a dream

PostSubject: chapter two   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:28 pm

002. "Dear Avenged Sevenfold"

“Guys what is this?” Brian asked. His voice was confused. He turned to his band mates, by the looks on their faces he knew that they had all already read the letter.

“Brian,” their manager Larry spoke up, “just read the letter.”

Brian nodded, and read the letter out loud:

“Dear Avenged Sevenfold, My name is Sarah, and I have cancer. Sorry if this letter seems a bit forward, but I’ll start slow. First off, I’m 15 years old. I am a born and raised Orange County kid (like you guys) only I’m from Laguna Beach. I am the only child of David and Jenna Cooper…”

Brian stopped, thinking this girl was about to tell him her entire life story. But the guys all urged him to keep reading.

“My parents are very nice people. But like most, they have their problems…well actually, they have lots of problems. You see, I was diagnosed with cancer about five years ago, when I was ten. It came as a shock to all of us. I went through years of pain, not only physically from the chemotherapy, but emotionally from my parents fighting. They never seem to get along anymore. They fight over money, over me, over the littlest things. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my parents, really I do. But I can’t help but feel like I’m the source of their problems…

The other night I heard them talking (they thought I was asleep) about me. They argued over my health. My mom said it was the best thing for me to just stay in the hospital. And I see where she’s coming from; doctors 24/7 to take care of me if something were to happen. My mother cares about my health. However, my dad suggested I be released to Home-Living-Treatment; where I have a personal nurse to take care of me from home. This way, I am able to live, eat, and interact with friends. My father cares about my well-being. But this is only the beginning of my parents problems. Last night, (again, they had thought I was sleeping) my doctor had come into my hospital room to give my parents the news that changed all three of our lives…”

“Wait!” Brian stopped and looked up. Johnny had stood up and began walking out of the room, “I don’t want to hear this part. Not again!”

“Dude where are you-”

“Brian,” Zacky said softly, “just keep going…” Brian nodded and opened his mouth to continue.

“…I have six months to live…”

“Guys why am I-”

“Stop stopping!” Jimmy spoke sadly. Brian looked down at the letter in his hands.

“Again, sorry if I’m being so blunt. But I don’t want to stall any longer. Every time I’m speaking to one of my parents, I can sense the feeling of sorrow, pity, weakness. I’m their daughter and they feel bad for me, for us. Which is why I’m writing this letter. I don’t want my parents arguing over my happiness. I don’t want to be the girl everyone feels bad for, because she has cancer.

I want to live a normal life. I want to be happy. Truly, happy.

My doctor came in this morning, along with, I think a social services worker, and had told me the news. I wasn’t all that surprised, but I was definitely shaken up. I mean, what am I supposed to do…to say to that? Words can not describe how scared I am, and I told them that. They didn’t say things would be okay, not like I expected them too, I mean…I’m dying.”

Brian noticed a dried up wet spot right near the word dying. At that moment he pictured this little girl, sitting in her hospital bed, crying.

“But they did however, tell me this: I get one wish…”

Brian raised an eyebrow, he was a little confused.

“And I wished for Avenged Sevenfold. I know, that sounds really weird. But you guys are my favorite band. I remember hearing “Second Heartbeat” for the first time and falling in love with Matt’s voice. I love Jimmy’s work on the drums, Johnny on his bass. I love that Zacky is left handed just like me, and plays the guitar left handed. I want to learn because of him. And I can’t forget Brian. He is my guitar hero. The way he plays so smoothly, and with so much emotion…his solos send me into music serenity. No offense to the other guys, but he’s definitely my favorite…”

Brian couldn’t help the smile form on his lips. It was the first smile that had graced his lips since Michelle had dumped him.

“I know this is asking for a bit much, but it would mean the world to me if I could meet you guys. And I know that you’re really busy, touring or recording, or whatever it is you guys are doing at the moment. So if this request is too much, I completely understand if you can’t.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter.

-Your Biggest Fan,
Sarah Cooper.”

“Is he done yet?” Johnny had called from somewhere down the hall. They had called out a yes and he returned. “So what do you think?” he directed his gaze to Brian.

“What do you mean what do I think?” Brian questioned, unsure of the question.

“We mean,” Matt stood up, “that we’re all for visiting this girl, and need to know if you can meet us here tomorrow so we can all go down to the hospital together.”

Brian was a little taken back by Matt’s sudden attitude. Matt had always had a really tough exterior, but behind the tats, and build, he was a really nice guy. So the fact that he was using a pushy tone surprised Brian a bit. But he shook it off and went back to thinking about the original question. They want him to meet him here so they can go to the hospital.

For anyone with a heart, they would say yes. They’d be down to go to the hospital right now. But this was Brian. Yes, he has a heart. It’s beating right now, but he just doesn’t know if it’s in the right place to go. He’s been heartbroken and sad for the past few months, contemplating life. He should be happy that this girl’s last dying wish is to meet her favorite [s]guitarist[/s] band. But he just couldn’t feel it. It’s almost as if his heart wasn’t even there anymore.

He looked up at the men all awaiting his answer. “You guys want to go tomorrow? We just got off tour, don’t you want to take like a day or two off to relax before we go to-”

“Brian read me the date to this letter,” Matt said, in a gentler tone, handing Brian the letter.

“February 7, 2008,” he responded.

“That letter was written while we were on tour, and sent here. Today’s May 22.”

“And?” Brian asked in monotone.

He could see his four band members’ and a manager’s eyes light up with bewilderment, “And,” Jimmy spoke, shocked that his friend was acting like the matter before them didn’t exist, “this girl found out she has 6 months to live. She wrote this letter the day after she found out, meaning it was the start of her 6 months-”

“And it’s already been 3,” Zacky cut in. Brian, still a bit dazed, was not knowing where this was going.

“We have 3 months to get to know this girl Bri,” Jimmy spoke up, “and we know that you’re still hurting from what happened on tour, but that’s no excuse to dismiss this girl and her wishes. So whether you like it or not, we’re going to meet this girl.”

Brian sighed, knowing there was no way of getting out of this one, “which hospital?”

“Laguna Beach Hospital, it’s right off of PCH,” Larry told him.

Brian simply nodded and stood up, “I’ll meet you guys here at 11:30, and we can go from there.” Everyone agreed, and Brian asked if he could leave. Larry said he was free to go. Brian hopped back into his BMW. Before he could shut the door, the door was blocked by a tall frame. Brian looked up to see a very, very angry Jimmy. Brian knew what was coming next. He took his keys out of the ignition, and stepped out of the car. “Yes Jimmy?”

His best friend stared him down, as if Brian had just grown three heads, “what is with you man?” Jimmy asked. If Brian could read minds, he’d know what Jimmy was thinking:

Does this guy even have a heart?

But since Brian couldn’t, he’d never know.

“Really, man!” Jimmy raised his voice, “we get probably, the most heartfelt, fan letter; from a girl who has 6 months to live, who’s last dying wish is to meet us and you act like you want nothing to do with it!”

Brian ran his hands over his face, “Jimmy you don’t underst-”

But Jimmy lifted his hand, silencing Brian, “I don’t want to hear it Brian. Look, you’re my best friend, and I hate seeing you like this. But you’re going to have to get over it. Because tomorrow we’re going to surprise Sarah. Let’s not disappoint her.” With that, Jimmy walked back up the steps to Larry’s front door. Brian heard the slam, and decided to get on with what he was doing before Jimmy had come outside.

Brian started his drive back to his Huntington Beach, beach home. When he arrived back, he declared that he was I desperate need of a shower. He ascended up the steps, and made his way into the bathroom, undressing himself. He stepped into the shower to let the hot water run down his body.

When he was done, he stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist. Fog clouded the mirrors and he went to wipe it away with his hand, giving him a clear reflection of himself. Even after the shower, he still looked a wreck. There was no denying that Brian Haner Jr. had fallen into a semi-depression. But it wasn’t just because of Michelle; though she helped it a lot. It was because, well on the outside, he had everything going for him. Everything but something. What that something was, Brian didn’t know. He just hoped he could find out soon…

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PostSubject: chapter three   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:30 pm

003. "New Friends"

Brian had shown up at Larry’s house right when he was supposed to. 11:30 sharp. So he wasn’t surprised to see the others pulling up at the same time. Larry stood out on his front lawn, arms over his chest, waiting. All five avenged band members exited their cars and met stood in front of their manager.

“Okay,” Larry began, “so I already called the hospital in advance. I spoke with Sarah’s doctor, his name is Dr. Steven Miller. He’s been working with Sarah since the beginning of her cancer. I informed him of who I was and who all of you are. So he’s expecting us there in the next twenty to fifteen minutes. Any questions?” everyone shook their head no, except for Johnny.

“I have a question,” Johnny said.


“Is there anything else we know about the girl? Like besides that she’s fifteen, and has cancer? Did the doctor say anything else?”

Larry shook his head no, “only what we read in the letter is what we know Johnny.”

“So,” Johnny said slowly, “we’re going to get to the hospital, introduce ourselves, and wing it from there?”


“Okay. My question is done,” Johnny clapped his hands together, in an ‘I’m ready’ motion.

“Any questions? From anyone else?” Larry looked around the group. When no one said anything, he pointed to the cars, “well, let’s go meet Sarah.”

All six men proceeded to their cars, and drove off to Laguna Beach Hospital. Brian had noticed how all men seemed eager to meet this Sarah. Before even meeting her, she’s captivated them in some way or another.

His mind flashed back to yesterday afternoon, when he sat by the tour bus window, awaiting his drop off home. While he sat alone, his band members were lounging around, playing guitar hero, having fun, and laughing. Now here he sat, behind the wheel of his car, lonely, not able to feel what the others were feeling.

With his thoughts off in another world, he absentmindedly pulled into the visitors parking lot of the hospital. He pulled into a parking spot, and looked to see that everyone was there and waiting on him.

“Man, you drive too fucking slow,” Zacky laughed. He was trying to lighten the mood. The guys all stood their with annoyed faces. Zacky immediately shut up, and turned to walk to the entrance of the hospital. The rest, following behind, but Brian was in the back, about four paces behind. Noticing this, Jimmy slowed down so he could step in place next to him.

“Can you at least, pretend you’re interested,” Jimmy hissed. Brian didn’t acknowledge Jimmy in any way. He was still off in his own world.

Becoming frustrated, Jimmy pulled on Brian’s arm halting them both. They were about to turn the corner to reach the front doors of the building, but Jimmy pinned Brian to the wall. “Do you remember what I told you yesterday?”

“Yeah,” Brian said monotone.

“Brian, I cant say that I know what you’re going through right now, but you have got to get over it. Now. This little girl is expecting her favorite band, and favorite guitarist to show up happy to see her. But that’s kind of hard for all of us when you’re in this pissy ass mood. So get your thoughts together. I don’t care if you need a few minutes to think out here by yourself. We’ll be up there all day, till visiting hours are over,” Jimmy told him. He loosened his grip on his friends shoulders and backed up. Sighing, he ran a hand through his black hair, “come whenever your ready…”

Brian watched the drummer disappear around the corner. He sighed, leaning against the wall, closing his eyes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Reds, lighting up. He needed a smoke, real bad. Inhaling the nicotine, his body relaxed.

“Spare me a light?” he heard a woman’s voice. Brian looked to the side and spotted a woman, a cigarette hanging loosely between her fingers. Brian had to admit, she was cute, even in her nurse scrubs. Brian handed her his lighter. She gladly accepted with a smile, and lit up. She handed it back to Brian, taking a long drag from her cig. With a content sigh she spoke aloud, “that is one quality smoke right there.”

Brian smiled at her, “sure is.”

“I’m Rachel,” she extended her hand.


“Yeah I know who you are. Your band is awesome,” she gave him a grin. Brian let one of his own spread on his face. “So what are you doing here, Mr. Synyster Gates?”

He laughed, “call me Brian. And I’m here with the rest of the band and our manager to visit a fan.”

Rachel looked around their surrounding, “the rest of the band?”

“They’re already upstairs.”

“Why aren’t you up there with them then?” she asked curiously.

“Is this 20 questions?” Brian snapped, causing Rachel’s jaw to drop. She wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction. “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “it’s been a long couple of months and…honestly, I’m not really up to meeting this girl.”

“Oh, I see,” she said nodding her head. Things fell silent from there, until she spoke up again, “well, why don’t I make you feel better?” Brian exhaled from his cigarette and looked over at Rachel, she wore a sly grin on her face, that Brian just couldn’t refuse. “My shift is over for the day, and I parked my SUV right over there,” she pointed behind her. Brian nodded his head, “let’s go,” completely forgetting what he was at the hospital for.


About an hour or two later, Brian and Rachel lay length wise, across her backseat, sweating and naked. Rachel on top of Brian’s lap. Rachel reached for the center console and opened it up, pulling out a pack of Marlboros. She handed one to Brian and lit them both up. “So what’s this girl’s health issue?”

“Cancer,” Brian exhaled the smoke of his cigarette. When Rachel didn’t say anything, he turned to her. Her eyes were a little wide and she looked from his face to the cig between his fingers. Brian wasn’t quite sure what it was she was doing until it hit him. He looked down at the cancer stick in his hands. While he’s out here smoking the day away, Sarah Cooper was upstairs lying in her [s]death[/s] hospital bed. “I better get upstairs now,” Brian said. He opened the door slightly to make sure no one saw him in the back of this car naked and threw the, already burnt out cigarette, to the ground. He then followed Rachel’s suit and began getting dressed. He stepped out of the car and said goodbye to Rachel.

Rachel nodded, “okay, well, I‘ll see you around.”

Brian smiled and walked away. He entered the hospital doors and walked right up to the lobby desk, “I’m looking for a Sarah Cooper…”


Sarah Cooper sat in her bed, flipping through the channels of the small TV that hung up on the wall opposite of her. Today was one of those days where she was all alone with nothing to do. It was May, so her friends were in school, and her parents were working. She sighed, still looking for a show to watch. She was about to give up when a knock had come to the door.

“Come in,” her soft voice called out.

“Sarah?” Doctor Miller responded, stepping into her room, “what are you up to?”

“Trying to find something good to watch! Ugh, you’d think that in one of the best hospitals in Orange County, there’d be something to watch in this place.”

Dr. Miller chuckled and came to sit down on the bed with Sarah. She didn’t mind at all, she even scooted over for him. After developing a five year relationship, she considered him family. “Well, hey I need to tell you something, can you turn that off for a second?”

“Gladly,” she mumbled, “so what’s up?”

He let a smile cross his face, “do you remember that letter you wrote about three months ago?”

Sarah thought about it, then nodded her head, “yeah, my ‘wish letter’ right? I wrote it to Avenged Sevenfold! The greatest band ever…” Sarah wasn’t sure, but she but she could have sworn she heard some chuckling from outside her door.

Dr. Miller smiled, “yes them, well…eh, I wont say anything more.” She raised an eyebrow, what is he- “Hey come on in guys!” Dr. Miller shouted. Sarah had no idea what was going on. The door opened and in stepped [s]five[/s] four of the greatest people on the earth. Her eyes did a double take, she couldn’t believe it. She even had to rub her eyes and pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. “Sarah, meet-”

“Avenged Sevenfold,” she said breathlessly, “you guys are…oh my god it’s…you got me-”

“I didn’t get you anything Sarah,” her doctor patted her shoulder. Her mouth was dropped open, and she stared at the men in front of her bed. “I’ll let you guys get acquainted.” When the door clicked shut, Sarah took the time to get her breathing back to normal.

“Hello Sarah,” a man, obviously not in the band greeted her, “I’m Larry, Avenged’s manager. We received your letter in the mail. Sorry we couldn’t get here any faster, it arrived at my house instead of on the road, where the guys were touring.” Sarah was still in shock and didn’t respond. “Here, meet the guys.”

Matt was the first to step up, “Hi, I’m-”

“M. Shadows,” she squeaked, “and Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ, The Rev and…” she did not see a Synyster Gates, “where’s-”

“Actually,” Matt cut in, “you can call me Matt. That’s Zacky, Johnny, Jimmy, and Brian. He’ll be here soon. He just had to take care of something real quick.” She nodded her head. Suddenly all of her nerves had disappeared as a conversation started. She had told herself a little about her, as they did about themselves. Pretty soon, everything had turned into a game of 20 questions.

“Favorite color?” Johnny asked, from his seat beside the bed on the right.

“Purple,” she responded, “and bright lime green.”

“Favorite movie?” Matt asked, facing her sitting at the foot of her bed.

“Iron Man, and Transformers.”

“Favorite song?” Zacky asked on the couch to her left.

“Oh god, are you really going to make me choose? Because I can never pick a favorite song.” The guys all said yes, making her answer. “Okay, well, I guess at the moment, it’d have to be…uh, Dear God.”

“Aw!” Jimmy squealed. Jimmy’s seat, was right beside her on the bed. When he had asked to sit on the bed, she thought he’d take a seat by Matt, but instead he climbed up, right beside her. Now they were so close, he had his arm wrapped around her, in a friendly manner of course. “You picked our song!” Jimmy cooed.

“Yeah, well you guys are awesome, and that song is really, really good.”

“Aw!” they chorused. She laughed. Their conversation only continued from there, until a knock came at the door. “Come in!” everyone shouted.

Dr. Miller popped his head through the door, “everyone enjoying themselves?”

“Yes!” Sarah jumped excitedly, the guys chuckled.

“Well, that’s great. And I’m really sorry to have to break up the fun.”

“What!” they all groaned.

“Sorry guys, visiting hours are over, and Sarah needs to get to the prep room.”

The guys all groaned again. Jimmy turned to Sarah, “we’re coming back tomorrow.”

“Oh you guys don’t have to…” Sarah said softly. The guys all looked at her. “Well, I know you guys are rockstars and everything, and the last thing you probably want to do is spend time with me-”

“Don’t even,” Jimmy started, “we’re coming back tomorrow, whether you like it or not.” Jimmy smiled. She smiled back, and knew that she had officially made a friend. Four new friends for that fact. “Well, we better head out now. Doc over there needs you,” Jimmy gave Sarah a hug, as did everyone else. The guys all walked out, leaving the room. Upon exiting, they saw one person, they had forgotten about for the past hour they were there.

Brian came jogging in their direction, out of breath, hair disheveled, “hey guys where you goi-”

“Where the fuck were you!” Jimmy hissed.

“Dude I was just-”

“Not here for the entire visit!”

Brian sighed, “well let’s just go-”

“Visiting hours are over Brian,” Larry told him. Now Brian felt even more guilty than he already was. “But we’re coming back tomorrow. This time, you’re going to be the first one to walk in the door.” Brian nodded, knowing he was in trouble. The guys all walked by him with disappointed looks on their faces. He officially declared today as not a good day, and turned around to follow the guys. They waited for him in the elevator.

When Brian stepped in, turned to face the doors. As he looked ahead, a man had stepped out of the room, in his doctor’s uniform, followed by a young girl. Brian watched the girl. She was around 5’4”, wearing a hospital robe. She had brown eyes, fare complexion, and the brightest smile spread across her face. But there was one distinction that had really stood out to him. She was bald.

The girl turned only to glance in Brian’s direction, but her glance had locked on Brian’s eyes. She gave him a small smile, but he didn’t return it. He was in too much of a self pity state to do anything. The elevator shut close and made its descent down. Brian looked down ashamed. While the guys got to know her, he was out back fucking the nurse. He knew who stepped out of that hospital. That girl, with a one million dollar smile, was Sarah Cooper.
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Something Real [Brian Haner Jr.] Rated: 16+
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